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The Kieffer saddle alternative

Today, we are onto the popular Kieffer saddle brand.

Kieffer are made in Germany, Munich. Therefore, they are widely used by the European riders based in the sunnier climates (sorry we had to remind to you). They make saddles for every discipline from Icelandic to polo, as well as all the usual disciplines in between. They also offer bridles and accessories too. Their saddle trees are made of high-quality glass fibre which are then reinforced with a synthetic material and fitted with a soft seat. They have three different types of trees; they are all adjustable. The trees are dependent on what discipline the saddles are used for, and the conformation of the horse.


The Kieffer dressage saddle


The Kieffer dressage saddles are particularly popular. This is what makes their brand so well-known. What stuck out for us is their specifically designed panels. They have panels designed for the muscular horses which generate from the sport in dressage, particularly around the shoulder area. The passage saddle panel is a shortened panel at the front (Half of the normal panel), this provides better freedom of the movement around the shoulder. These saddles are designed for the well-trained horses. Whereas the ‘Drop panel’ provides a larger contact area, designed for the horses in training for the grand prix level. Their significant feature with both types of these dressage saddles is they want the saddle to swing in harmony with the horse. These saddles, brand new start at £1,700.


Here at The Saddle Bank, we have looked specifically into the Kieffer brand, and we wanted to show you, our alternatives.

If you are still a bit confused about which saddle or any saddle related product is best for you why not get in touch with our friendly customer support team. Via phone on 0345 030 4916 or email info@thesaddlebank.com. Our lovely team are always happy to help as much as they can and provide you with the information you need to make the best decision for you and your horse.


Albion are a British brand. Albion’s work never stops, they are constantly developing themselves by their research into the horses’ conformations and breeding. They work with top riders in the sport, to ensure their saddles are world class. They develop saddles for dressage, eventing, and general purpose.

Their dressage saddles are made from finest materials which can be made to fit your horse. Along with their knee blocks which can be specifically designed to the rider they really have thought of everything. Their jump saddles are made for comfort and balance for horse and rider. Some saddles which they offer have specialist pressure distribution which minimalizes saddle movement. Some of their saddles offer unique girth strapping arrangements to provide stability.

Albion provide different seat depths and leg positions to truly appeal to every rider. Their three general purpose saddles offer the ultimate comfort during longer periods of riding, so if you are into hacking, trail riding or hunting these are designed for you. These saddles can be fully personalised to make you stand out from the crowd. They offer coloured piping, patent leathers and for the more daring out there, crystal elements. These saddles, like the Kieffer have specifically designed trees for each horse and discipline. Albion prices start at £2094.75 brand new. This depends on what features you decide for you, and you horse though. Click here to see all our new and second hand Albion dressage saddles

albion kieffer alternative

Equipe Emporio & Olympia


  1. Equipe Emporio


We couldn’t have a blog without the Italians being featured, could we? These saddles are made in Italy. This saddle is used by the very famous Charlotte Dujardin on Valegro! The trees are synthetic with a foam panel to maximise closeness. Their saddles are made from calfskin. These saddles suit the muscular horses with top line. The gullet also comes in 4 options, from Standard to +3 (Extra wide). They come in colours black, or brown. Their saddles promote an independent seat which ensures perfect balance. These saddles have a narrow twist and a subtle depth of seat, so you can sit into the horse and feel the softest of movements underneath you.


  1. Equipe Olympias

Another type of Monoflap, dressage saddle is the Equipe Olympia dressage saddle. This relatively new saddle is part of the Theroreme Range. The seat comes in a variety of sizes, and it comes in a medium to extra wide width. Its innovative synthetic saddle tree and flat structure seat gives this close contact saddle enhanced comfort. For the rider, it has different flap length on request, so it can suit you no matter what length you are! This saddle uses a block and flap system with specifically designed knee-rolls.

Click here to see our range of fantastic Equipe dressage saddles

kieffer saddle alternative

Ideal Suzannah Dressage


Back to England for our final saddle, this time we are headed to Walsall. Ideal brands itself on style, performance, and durability. Ideal have a wide range of dressage saddles, but today we are focusing on The Ideal Suzannah Dressage Saddle. A serious saddle for the serious rider It comes in four colours. It has a narrow twist and an open seat. This saddle meets all the demands from being affordable to functional. The wider gullet allows freedom of movement.

The Suzannah also boasts a cut back or open area at the pommel of the saddle, by the wither area, allowing greater movement and free range of the shoulder. The tree of the saddle is manufactured by Birch wood laminate veneers in a unique 3D jigsaw method, clamped together and then oven cured for strength. The angle of the side bars allows for a narrow twist, which means the rider can position their leg closer to the horse. The bars are also anatomically constructed to follow the contour of the horses back. The Suzannah has a RRP of £1695 but click here to see our range of second hand ones!

To find out more about the different types of Ideal dressage saddle check out this blog

kieffer saddler alternative
We stock all these saddles, brand new or second hand. So, take a look at the saddles we have in stock! Find your perfect saddle here:

Kieffer saddle

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