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Are Albion saddles adjustable?

In this article we will discuss all things Albion Saddles and why the albion brand is so popular within all equestrian disciplines. We will look at if and how the Albion saddles can be adjusted. This should help you decide if an Albion saddle is right for you and your horse. If so, why not trial one from The Saddle Bank. The Saddle Bank offer 5 day UK mainland trials on all new and used saddles with fast next working day delivery. If you are overseas don’t worry – we ship worldwide!

If by the end of the article you are not sure which Albion is right for you and your horse, why not get in touch with our friendly customer support team via phone 0345 030 4916 or email info@thesaddlebank.com. Our lovely team are always happy to help as much as they can and provide you with the information you need to make the best decision for you and your horse.

Who are Albion Saddles?


Established in 1985 Albion saddles are a ever popular English brand. They are one of the worlds leading saddle brands. Known for their high quality, leather saddles. There has been constant research into the horses conformations and breeding which has developed these saddles a high reputation and constant research. They have saddles specialised in each discipline; Dressage, Show jumping, Cross Country and for General Purpose. Albion also proudly created a tree which is the first British precision engineered adjustable wooden saddle tree, known as the Adjusta Tree.

So are Albion saddles adjustable?

Estblished in 2013 and phased into all models from 2014 was the Adjusta tree. Adjusta tree’s are specifically designed for adjustment using pressure by any local Albion Saddle Fitter. Designed so the fitting can be altered without damage or distortion to the head plates or rivets of the tree. The Adjusta tree is flexible and lightweight and offers comfort, stability, freedom, and support for both horse and rider. The adjusta tree can be altered two widths each way, so it depends on what width of tree your saddle is, however these adjusta trees can offer a wide range of flexibility and movement.

It is important to note- all Albion tree’s are adjustable. Tree’s made between 1985 and 2013 (before the launch of the Adjusta Tree) can be adjusted at Albion HQ by their craftsmen. The Platinum saddles are the only current saddle ranges which do not contain Adjusta Tree. 


SLK Dressage Saddle:


Designed with Klaus Balkenhol, a German Olympic and team trainer this is a deep seat dressage saddle. Available in a standard or a narrow seat rhis saddle is made on a traditional wooden spring tree. Made with full grain leather ensuring the quality we know of Albion.

albion saddle

The Platinum Saddle Range:


Albion launched The Platinum Ultima saddle in 2005. This is a truly unique saddle offering the ultimate fitting solution without compromise to horse or rider. The interchangeable tree and switch panel system which is only found in the Platinum range, these can only be changed by an approved Albion fitter or Albion themselves (we would always recommend this being done by Albion themselves). Crafted with specially tanned full grain Ultima flap leather and the best Italian calfskin for seat and pads, with moulded knee rolls. Available in a standard or narrow seat

Albion Saddle

The Revelation Red Label:


In 2011 Albion launched the highly exclusive Revelation Courture Range, which includes a dressage, cross country and show jumping model. Albion then proudly launched the Revelation Red Label saddle range in 2013, which is a extension of their Corture Range. Made to order for the horse and rider with a set of knee blocks for the rider using the new Albion precision Fitting Systems. The Albion Revelation Red Label full range are designed with its signature of red and can be fully personalised, including a choice of coloured piping, patent leathers and can be made with crystal elements.

The Dressage saddle is a superbly comfortable, close contact and a lightly supportive seat with individual knee roll size and positioning.

The Show Jump and cross country saddle offer a unique level of fit, comfort and stability for the horse ensuring greater freedom of movement for the shoulder, wither and back area, maximising performance.

Albion Saddles

The K2 Saddles:


Albion K2 saddles are the most popular in the show jumping and general purpose models.

Designed for riders looking for an introductory ‘top quality’ dressage saddle we come to the K2 Dressage. These saddles features the Adjusta saddle tree. The seat is shallower with a supportive leg position that is not too straight. Fixed in one position under the flap the standard knee rolls are small sized soft and supportive.

The best selling K2 jump saddle is designed with a super soft seat and a closer leg position for added rider-comfort. The saddle features a wider panel bearing surface so that weight is more evenly distributed over the horses back.

Crafted by Albion for riders looking for a comfortable, high quality, all-round saddle, suitable for jumping and showing we move to the general purpose K2 saddle. The standard knee rolls are medium size, soft and in one position under the flap.

The Albion Fabrento Dressage Saddle:


Designed for the modern dressage competition and sports horses is ever popular Fabrento. Constructed after bio-mechanical study of horse and rider this is a monoflap saddle. The Fabrento places the rider in the perfect position to apply all aids effectively form a secure central position. The tapered knee roll provides support without restriction and is particularly useful for riders with long legs riding shorter backed horses.


The Albion K3 Sport Jump saddle:


Built on the success of the world renowned best selling K2 Jump saddle the all new K3 sport jump saddle is a Monoflap jump saddle. K3 features a new Monoflap design. Designed to suit both Amateur and Professional riders alike this is a lightweight saddle. It has a super soft half deep seat, and adjustable girth strapping system. Wool flocked and felt lined panel allows for minor adjustments.

Albion Saddle

The Kontrol Jump saddle:


Albion launched Kontrol in 2000, this deep seat jump saddle has options for the rider, whether you want a deep or flat seat and has three leg positions; straight, forward or extra forward. Due to the flexibility it has become a favourite amongst professional riders. Its technology allows a close contact without interference to the horse. Its unique design features the exclusive profiled wooden saddle tree which has minimum interference but maximise freedom in all disciplines at all levels.


The Tzar General Purpose saddle:


Designed with ultimate comfort during longer periods of riding in mind the Tzar GP was launched in 2010. Such as hacking, trail riding and hunting. This saddle has a comfortable seat with a supportive leg position. Under the flap you’ll find the standard knee rolls are medium sized, soft, and supportive.



We always recommend getting saddles adjusted by the manufacturer, in this case, to send it back to Albion themselves. Here at The Saddle Bank, we sell a wide range of Albion saddles. We sell second hand, ex-demos, and brand-new saddles, however the deals we offer are never around for long. So be sure to check out this link today! Happy shopping!

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