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Saddle Fitting at The Saddle Bank

The Saddle Bank is the worlds most trusted online saddle retailer offering quality new and used saddles. The Saddle Bank also offer saddle fitting appointments locally with two Master Saddle Fitting Consultant’s; Jade and Amy.

How long does a saddle fitting take?

A fitting appointment can vary in time depending on what is happening at the appointment.

  • Check of your existing saddle = approximately 45-60 minutes with you.
  • Try on new/used saddles = approximately 2-2.5 hours.
  • Checking your existing saddle and looking to purchase an additional saddle = approximately 2.5-3 hours.

The length of the appointment can depend also on how much adjustment is needed to the saddles. If the saddle fitter has to spend time adding flocking and then rechecking the fit this can mean the appointment will be longer.

What happens at a saddle fitting appointment?

When The Saddle Bank saddle fitters attend your horse they will run through various different checks with you before trying on any saddles.

  • Upon arrival your saddle fitter will take a look at the horse’s conformation to assess for anything that may affect the fit of your saddle.
  • Your fitter will also ask/verify some details about you and the horse.
  • Then your fitter will conduct a back exam to ensure the horse is not experiencing any sensitivity or soreness in the back.
  • Your fitter will then take templates and measure your horse’s weight and height.
  • Finally your fitter will ask you to walk and trot up the horse on a level/hard surface to assess the horse’s gaits and check for any signs of lameness.

Buying a new/used saddle

  • Your fitter will then statically try on a range of saddles and select the ones which fit the best to move forward to the ridden assessment.
  • Your fitter will then ask to see the horse ridden in the selection of saddles that fit the best. Ideally, we would look to have around 3 saddles to be ridden in. However, if the horse is particularly tricky to fit this may not be possible.
  • After your ridden assessment your fitter will recommend the saddle which fits the best, or make a recommendation on which brands/models may work for you.

Checking the fit of your existing saddle.  

Your fitter;

  • Will check the soundness of your existing saddle and identify any repairs if required.
  • Will try your saddle on the horse statically.
  • May at this point recommend an alteration. This may include a flocking top up, complete strip and reflock, bar change for an adjustable gullet.
  • Once any adjustments have been made your fitter will ask to see the horse ridden in the saddle.
  • Further adjustments may be required.
  • If the saddle is no longer suitable for the horse, your fitter will be able to try some alternative saddles with you.

How often should I have my saddle checked?

Your saddle should be checked at least every 6 months, possibly more frequently if the horse is young, likely to change shape through a training programme etc. If your saddle has flocked panels you should also have your flocking stripped and replaced every 2 years. Find out more about flocking here.

Book an appointment

If you are looking to book an appointment and you are based in or around Peterborough, East Northamptonshire, and southern Lincolnshire then The Saddle Bank may be able to help you.

Click here to book your appointment. 

If you are outside of the area The Saddle Bank covers you can find your local saddle fitter here.

Click here to find your local saddle fitter.


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