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What are adjustable saddles?


There has been a lot of research and development work which has gone into saddles over the last decade. The first adjustable saddle was invented in 1912, however, from then to now these saddles have changed significantly. There are now a couple of different types of adjustable saddles which we are going to go into today.

If you are still a bit confused about which saddle or any saddle related product is best for you why not get in touch with our friendly customer support team. Via phone on 0345 030 4916 or email info@thesaddlebank.com. Our lovely team are always happy to help as much as they can and provide you with the information you need to make the best decision for you and your horse.

adjustable saddle

What is an adjustable saddle?


Adjustable saddles, simply put, are saddles which can be adapted to the horse. Horses regularly change shape. Here at The Saddle Bank a very common problem we see is that owners not realising that their saddle no longer fits. Young horses which continuously develop need a saddle which adapts to their muscle and bone structure. A saddle which doesn’t fit can cause pain and discomfort. Now with all the new technology, some brands of saddles can be adapted in minutes by the rider or owner of the horse! Adjustable saddles mean if your saddle doesn’t fit it doesn’t mean you need to fork out the money for a brand-new saddle! These adjustable saddles are very good value for money as they are a long-term product.

It’s not just about the horses either!

Adjustable saddles are suited to different disciplines and different types of rider! They are aimed for a wide range use, for multi-disciplines and a variety of levels. For high end competition riders our first recommendation would be to go for Amerigo, Prestige or Fairfax saddles. For happy hackers or hobby riders the list is endless for you, here at The Saddle Bank we sell a wide range of adjustable saddles. If you are struggling to pick which one suits you better give our team a call and we are always happy to help you!



Different types of adjustable saddles


The most common adjustable saddle is where the gullet is changeable. An adjustable gullet saddle is where the metal plate which is located at the head of the tree can be removed, adjusted and replaced with a different size. This alters the width of the saddle. A fixed tree is wooden and the head of the tree has metal plates riveted in place. Trying to adjust a non-adjustable saddle can do a lot of damage, such as twisting or even breaking the tree, making it unusable.

We are saddle specialists, after all, it’s in the name!

Do you have an adjustable gullet saddle in any of the following brands?

  • PDS
  • Cavaletti
  • Monarch
  • GFS
  • Pessoa
  • Ideal T & T
  • John Whitaker
  • Kent and Masters
  • Thorowgood
  • Loxley Adjustable Gullet Bar by Bliss of London
  • Wintec
  • Arena
  • Bates
  • Fairfax

If so, we sell the gullet bars which you can change yourself! If you prefer for us to do this for you, we charge £10 to swap the gullet bars over!

To get yourself a new gullet bar check out this link!

We want to make this process as easy as possible.


If you have a Wintec, Bates or Arena saddle, then we sell a gullet gauge. This will tell you exactly colour gullet bar you need for your horse. For under £25 you can get all the information you need here.


Another benefit of owning a Wintec, Bates or Arena Saddle is the option of the easy-change rider system. This system allows you to make minor changes in the saddle panel which are easily reversible and gives you optimal balance and clearance. There are front and rear risers available in 4, 8. 12 and 16mm. Centre risers are also available in 4mm and 8mm. We sell a wide range of riser packs. For our standard pack, you can buy this today by clicking here.


Not sure how to find out what gullet bar you need for the many other brands? Click here to find out!


If you don’t have an adjustable gullet saddle, don’t panic! This doesn’t mean your saddle is not adjustable. Some saddles are adjustable; however, their process is not so simple. Our recommendation is to send your saddle back to the manufacturer, because the company are the specialists.

If you have any of the following saddles;

A brand recommended saddle fitter or the manufacturer will need to adjust your saddle.

  • Albion
  • The Saddle Company
  • Amerigo
  • Prestige
  • Some Equipe’s (if you’re unsure if yours can be altered ask our super friendly team!)


If you are thinking about investing in an adjustable saddle, you can see more detail on the adjustable saddle brands in one of our previous blogs by clicking here

Are you still unsure about which saddle would suit you best? You can talk to our team direct and we will help you find the best one for you and your steed! We sell over 700 saddles, so check out the adjustable saddles we have to offer here!

Saddle Fitting

Saddle fitting is a something we are really passionate about. Here at The Saddle Bank we see too often saddles which fit the horses very poorly. We feel it is something that is overlooked a lot. In fact, we have designed a course so that horse owners can get more knowledge on the wide world that is saddle fitting. The Recognising Saddle Fit Issues course gives our customers knowledge so that they can assess their own saddles. The course is £15.00 and gives you long-lasting knowledge which can help in assessing the fit of your saddles, and explain what to look for if you decide to part-exchange! To enhance your equestrian knowledge further, check out our online academy courses here.

If you are fortunate enough to live in the Peterborough, East Northamptonshire, or South Lincolnshire areas you can even book a fitting directly with us at The Saddle Bank here.

adjustable saddle brands

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