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If you are looking for a new XC saddle you may have looked at Bates Advanta saddles for sale. Bates claim the Advanta gives you the ultimate competitive edge…. but does it? Lets take a look at the Bates Advanta Monoflap jump saddle and see what it offers both horse and rider. Find Bates Advanta Saddles for sale here with a 5 day trial for UK Mainland customers, and international shipping available!


Who are Bates?

Bates is part of the Saddlery Brands International Family which includes Wintec and Arena. They are an Australian brand renowned all over the world for their adjustable gullet saddles with the unique CAIR cushion panels. Bates offer a selection of saddles for all disciplines from All Purpose, Show jumping, eventing and dressage. In this post we will be looking at the Bates Advanta Monoflap XC Jump saddle so you can decide if this is the right monoflap jump saddle for you and your horse.

What is the Bates Advanta?

The Bates Advanta is a highly desirable monoflap  jump saddle perfect for eventing as it offers an ultra-close feel between horse and rider. It has beautiful LUXE leather which offers a sumptuous and grippy feel to ensure the rider’s security and comfort around the XC course. It features external knee and calf blocks known as FlexContourBlocs which can uniquely be positioned to suit the rider.

As with all Bates saddles, the Advanta features the HART (Horse and Rider Technology) which includes CAIR cushion panels and the Easy-Change gullet system.


Features of the Bates Advanta Jump Saddle; 

  • Synergy Panel – provides the best cushioning for your horse to reduce pressure points felt during jumping, combined with increase blood flow to encourage freedom of movement and muscle development.
  • Sweet Spot – the saddle is perfect aligned to you to give you the best jumping position and balance. It has a narrow twist and keeps you in close contact with your horse.
  • Moveable Flexi Contour Blocs – external blocks which can be angled to suit the rider, offering the optimum support.
  • Monoflap design – ultra close contact feel with your horse.
  • Adjustable Ergonomic Stirrup Bar -enabling you to perfectly align and position your stirrup leathers and stirrups for a custom feel.
  • Quilted Panel points- to enable free shoulder movements, vital to get your horse round the XC course comfortably, quickly and to enable him to jump at his best!


What type of horse does it fit?

The Advanta Jump saddle works really well on low to standard withered horses with fairly flat backs.

However, with all Bates saddles minor adjustments can be made with the Easy Change Riser Shim system enabling you to make minor adjustments of 4 or 8mm to the saddle to achieve the perfect fit.

You can order yourself the Easy Change Riser System shims here.

What seat size do you need?

Bates measure their saddles in cm. The Bates Advanta is available in 42cm(16.5 inch), 43cm (17 inch) and 44cm (17.5 inch).

The seat size you require will depend on your height and weight as a rider, and the length of your horses back. It is really important not to get a saddle too long for your horse. Your saddle should not come past T18 or the 18th Thoracic vertebrae. If you are unsure on what size your horse can take you should consult your saddle fitter.

What width do you need?

To establish what width your horse needs you can use the Bates gullet gauge which will determine what size gullet bar you need.

You can order your Bates gullet gauge here.


Learn more about how saddles should fit….

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