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Stirrup Covers




What are Stirrup Covers?

Stirrup covers are protective sleeves or covers designed to be placed over the stirrups of a horse's saddle. Stirrups are the footrests attached to the saddle that provide support for the rider's feet. The covers serve various purposes, including:

  1. Protection: Stirrup covers help protect the stirrups from dust, dirt, and damage when the saddle is not in use. This can be particularly useful when the saddle is being stored or transported.

  2. Prevention of Scratches: Stirrup covers can prevent the stirrups from scratching or damaging other items, such as the interior of a vehicle, when the saddle is being transported.

  3. Maintaining Cleanliness: By keeping dust and dirt away, stirrup covers help maintain the cleanliness of the saddle, ensuring that the saddle is ready for use without requiring additional cleaning.

What are Stirrup Covers made from?

Stirrup covers come in various materials, including fabric, neoprene, or leather, and they are often designed to be easily removed and washed for maintenance. The specific design and purpose of stirrup covers can vary, so riders may choose covers based on their individual needs and preferences.

How do you use Stirrup Covers?

The Saddle Bank Luxury Stirrup Covers have an elasticated top which can be stretched over the stirrups. The Elastic has to be fairly tight to ensure the stirrup covers do not slide off the stirrups. 

Where to buy Stirrup Covers? 

Browse our range of stirrup covers for sale. Looking for stirrup covers to protect your saddle from scratches? The Saddle Bank has a fantastic set of Luxury slip on stirrup covers which are waterproof, fleece line with exceptionally strong elastic. Our Luxury Stirrup Covers offers maximum saddle protection.

All stirrup covers are brand new. You can complete your purchase entirely online by adding it to your saddle order, or just purchasing the accessory item alone. Accessories purchased with saddles will be dispatched in the box with your saddle. Accessories purchased separately will be dispatched by a small parcel courier such as Yodel or Royal Mail (UK).