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Saddle Covers




What are Saddle Covers?

Saddle covers are protective coverings designed to go over a horse saddle when it's not in use. These covers serve several purposes:

  1. Protection from Dust and Dirt: Saddle covers help keep dust and dirt off the saddle, especially when it's stored in a barn, tack room or other environment where it might be exposed to the elements.

  2. Prevention of Scratches and Damage: The cover provides a layer of protection against scratches, scrapes, and other potential damage that could occur during storage or transport.

  3. Maintaining Leather Quality: For leather saddles, covers can be particularly important. They help preserve the quality of the leather by shielding it from environmental factors that might cause it to dry out or deteriorate over time.

  4. Personalisation and Style: Some riders choose saddle covers for aesthetic reasons. Decorative or personalized covers can add a touch of style to the saddle, and riders may select covers that match their overall riding gear or reflect their personal preferences.

What are saddle covers made from? 

Saddle covers come in various materials, including nylon, canvas, and other durable fabrics. They are often designed to be easy to put on and take off, and some are adjustable to fit different saddle sizes and styles. It's a practical accessory for riders who want to protect their investment in a quality saddle and ensure its longevity.

Where to buy saddle covers?

Browse our range of saddle covers for sale. The Saddle Bank has a fantastic Luxury saddle cover which is waterproof, fleece line with exceptionally strong elastic. Our Luxury Saddle Cover offers maximum saddle protection.

All covers are brand new. You can complete your purchase entirely online by adding it to your saddle order, or just purchasing the accessory item alone.

Accessories purchased with saddles will be dispatched in the box with your saddle. Accessories purchased separately will be dispatched by a small parcel courier such as Yodel or Royal Mail (UK).