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Meet The Saddle Bankers

The Saddle Bank team are a dedicated, down-to-earth herd of passionate horse people. The Saddle Bankers strive to offer all customers the best possible service and experience when it comes to buying and selling saddles.

All of the team are exceptionally knowledgeable and professional. Yet, real people who can relate to the problems you may be facing with your saddles.

Put a name to a face and find out more about our team below.


Director & Founder

Jade is the owner and founder of The Saddle Bank. Jade began riding as a 4 year old, and after years of working at riding schools, Jade got her first pony on loan aged 15. Chuckles was a 13.2hh bay pony who was extremely overweight. After a few months of hard work, Chuckles was fit enough to go out and competed at local showjumping competitions, and mounted games.
Jade eventually got her own first horse aged 17. A beautiful jet black thoroughbred ex race horse named Billy, who although at times was very uncooperative, made a stunning show hack. Sadly 8 years later it was found he had kissing spines and was sent HEROs horse charity for ex race horses.
Since then, Jade has thrown herself into business which is her true passion in life.
Achieving a First Class BA (Hons) degree in Business, Jade is a passionate and driven business woman, and enjoys all aspects of business.
Jade is also a Master Saddle Fitting Consultant, yet spends most of her time running the business and buying Pizza’s for the team.
If Jade were a horse, she would be a fiery chestnut Thoroughbred mare. She is strong-willed, determined, and driven and takes the herd to new pastures. She will shake her head and stomp her feet if she doesn't want to do something. She is the alpha mare of the herd.

Master Saddle Fitting Consultant

Amy joined The Saddle Bank in 2019 as a saddle consultant, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience of horses with her. Amy started riding as a 6 year old, and got her first pony aged 13. Rosie was a 15.2hh Connie X TB who was mistreated prior to Amy owning her. She was quiet and withdrawn and took a little while to gain trust. Rosie taught Amy to never give up, and keep trying. Amy and Rosie competed at dressage and showjumping.
Since then Amy has achieved a First Class BSc (Hons) degree in Human and Equine Sports Science covering everything from anatomy to nutrition to biomechanics relating to how the horse moves. Amy gained experience working at a local racing yard, aswell as working at a stud dealing with foals, stallions, backing and schooling competition horses. Amy then went on to run her own business producing horses for sale, whilst competing British Dressage up to Elementary level.
Amy uses her expert eye to thoroughly check all saddles which come through the door to ensure they are sound and fit for purpose.
Since joining The Saddle Bank, Amy has qualified as a Master Saddle Fitting Consultant. When she is not working at The Saddle Bank HQ, she really enjoys meeting her clients on saddle fit appointments and of course their owners!
If Amy were a horse she would be a typical, reliable, yet nimble Connemara pony. She turns her hoof to everything and will jump everything put in front of her. She is a true all-rounder.

Customer Service Buyer

Victoria began riding aged 4 and got her first horse aged 11. Since then Victoria has participated in various equine sports such as polocross, eventing up to BE 90, driving and she even worked for a stunt team!
She now spends her time competing British Dressage at Medium level with her stunning horse Gio, a 10 year old KWPN gelding. In her spare time she is also a trainee judge for British Dressage.
In 2021, Victoria purchased an IDXTB foal called Double Time Devotion or ‘Dev’ for short. She hopes to event him in the future.
Joining The Saddle Bank in 2021 as the Customer Service Buyer, Victoria is responsible for purchasing and making sure The Saddle Bank is well stocked. She knows every model inside and out and is an our brand expert.
If you have a saddle to sell, Victoria is your gal!
If Victoria were a horse, she would be a Dutch Warmblood. She loves to get plaited up, put her dancing shoes on and perform to the best of her abilities.

Account Manager & Director

Adi joined The Saddle Bank in February 2022 to manage the day to day. Adi’s role is varied from ensuring targets are met, and dealing with the business finances to keeping the team happy with Payday Pizza’s and team nights out.
With a love for talking and relationship building, Adi has naturally transitioned into managing saddle fitter and trade accounts. If you are a saddle fitter and looking to work with The Saddle Bank, Adi is your go-to guy!
Although Adi is not a rider, he has a passion for the business and picked up the lingo really quickly! Adi has been around horses for a while and has sat on Jade’s old horse a couple of times.
If you call through to The Saddle Bank, there is a chance you may speak to Adi as he loves talking to people!
If Adi were a horse he would be a Shetland pony. Friendly and approachable, yet can be headstrong, stubborn, and uncooperative, particularly towards the Alpha mare.

Customer Service Adviser

Yazmynn started riding at age 3 and as a child shared a little Welsh pony called Teddy with her cousin. At age 12, she got her first horse, a 15 hh Welsh D named Bailey. He was the cheekiest and naughtiest horse she has known. However, he also taught her the most about how to correctly handle and ride the most unruly characters. While owning Bailey Yazmynn volunteered at the stud and training centre where she stabled him. During her time there she helped out with the breaking in and re training of a number of different horses and ponies. When Yazmynn left school she studied horse care and management at college and started her BHS stages exams. At 18, she bought her next horse; a beautiful 16 hh dapple grey warmblood called Thyme. She was a "been there, done that" girl. Together they achieved 2nd place at their first unaffiliated dressage competition together.
Yazmynn now owns a beautiful 16.2 Irish sports horse called Bella. She is so honest and gentle and loves her work, especially if it involves poles.
Yazmynn joined The Saddle Bank in 2023 as a Customer Service Advisor. She is on hand to help you answer any questions you have when it comes to buying or selling your saddle!
If Yazmynn were a horse, she would be a Friesian. Having a calm and docile temperament and a willingness to learn; being friendly and versatile.

Customer Service Adviser

Starting riding at a young age, Sian began her equestrian journey atop Laddy, her black Shetland whom her mother used as a makeshift pram, accompanying them to shows where other children would lead them around all day. Progressing into competitive showing, Sian achieved her first qualification for the Horse of the Year Show at the age of 13, riding her 13hh show hunter named Carland Viceroy.
Subsequently, Sian was invited to ride for Team Hollings, showcasing her skills on various ponies and horses at prestigious events nationwide, including The Royal International and HOYS. Concurrently, Sian pursued their academic interests, obtaining a National Diploma in equine science and business management, along with achieving their BHS Stage 3 certification.
Taking a break from showing, Sian worked as a groom for Dave Evans Racing, relishing the opportunity to ride out in the mornings and manage horses at the races. Following this stint, she ventured into polo grooming in Florida before returning to the competitive showing circuit. Expanding her horizons, Sian began training and exhibiting horses for others, eventually delving into the world of Arabian horses with remarkable success.
Currently, Sian boasts a stunning array of show horses, ranging from Arabs to cobs, and has been privileged to have her horses compete at the Horse of the Year Show every year since establishing their team in 2016.
If Sian were a horse she would be a purebred Arab: brimming with determination, stamina, and intelligence. She loves a party, and thrives on looking her best. In any challenging situation she holds her head head and rises to the occasion.

Saddle Assistant

Megan is a fun and bubbly person and joined The Saddle Bank in 2024 as a Saddle Assistant. Responsible for preparing orders and processing incoming stock. Megan proudly holds a BSc (Hons) Equine Performance Science with Business degree, as well as BHS Stage qualification and Pony Club C+ tests after being a member of the Fitzwilliam Hunt Pony Club.
Megan's first pony was called Rosie, a Chestnut Welsh Section D Mare with white socks, Rosie definitely lived up to the Welshie and Chestnut mare reputation!
Megan's next horse was a Connemara called Black Woodland Forrest, or Cloudy for short. Cloudy was Megan's horse of a life time. The first two times Megan tried Cloudy she fell off. Her friends told her he had a reputation for being dangerous. Megan had his back and teeth sorted then addressed his bolting issue. After this, Cloudy and Megan formed the best partnership. As Juniors they successfully competed in all Riding Club Championship events, Pony Club teams and in 2019 won the Connemara Junior Performance horse of the year.
Megan has a passion for equine nutrition and offers an independent Equine Weigh Bridge service. She is also currently bringing on two youngsters whom she hopes to event in the future.
If Megan were a horse she would be a Welsh Section D; loyal, quirky but with a willingness to work and a strong work ethic.

Customer Service Representative

Like a boomerang - she is BACK!
We are excited to reintroduce Temeka, a dedicated and passionate member of our team who rejoined us in April 2024 as a Customer Service Advisor. Temeka initially joined our team in March 2021 and made a significant impact with her enthusiasm and expertise before leaving in August 2022 to pursue a career as a Equine Veterinary Nurse.
Temeka's journey with horses began at a very young age. She started horse riding at just 3 years old and got her first pony, a Welsh B named Flame, when she was 10. Together, Temeka and Flame attended pony club, where she honed her skills and developed a deep love for equestrian activities. This passion led her to pursue a Horse Management Level 3 diploma at Moulton College, equipping her with extensive knowledge and hands-on experience.
Temeka is the proud owner of a 14hh Welsh C gelding named Joey and a lovable French Bulldog named Zeus. In her spare time she also loves travelling, walking and Pilates.
In her current role as a Customer Service Advisor, Temeka loves speaking with clients on the phone, helping them find their ideal saddle. Her genuine passion for horses and her extensive equestrian background make her a perfect fit as a Saddle Banker.
If Temeka were a horse, she would be an Icelandic pony. Small, yet strong she is very friendly, with a big personality.

Doorbell & Security Guard

Luna is one of the OG Saddle Bankers. She has been around from day one, and never once chewed a girth strap - not even as a puppy!
Luna loves going to work daily. Her role is chief security guard, doorbell and DPD man chaser.
She loves to bark and let us know that DPD is at the door!

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