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The Saddle Bank is proud to offer the world's largest selection of quality new and used second-hand adjustable saddles. Specialising in Adjustable saddles, The Saddle Bank offers over 850 adjustable saddles, including adjustable GP saddles, jump saddles, and dressage saddles. Adjustable gullet saddles are favoured over fixed tree saddles as they enable easy alteration of the width of the saddle as the horse changes shape throughout the seasons or its lifetime.
When we refer to an 'Adjustable Gullet' saddle, we are referring to a saddle that can easily be altered in a matter of minutes by replacing the metal gullet bar acting as the headplate in the tree. We are not referring to saddles that need to be put on a heat press or saddle devil machine. Changeable gullet saddles should be truly adjustable in that there is no limitation to the number of times the gullet bar can be changed.
Some popular brands of adjustable saddles include Kent and Masters, GFS Monarch, Thorowgood, Bates, Wintec, Fairfax, Arena, Whitaker, and Cavaletti Collection.
Each brand family has their own range of gullet bars to suit their saddles. Some also have subsets of gullet bars within this. For example;
• Thorowgood/Kent and Masters/Fairfax = S and R Gullet bars for SIMA tree
• Wintec/Bates/Arena = Easy Change Gullets (Standard and WIDE sizes)
• GFS Monarch = Series 1 and Series 2 Gullet bars
• Whitaker = Whitaker A and Whitaker B bars
• Cavaletti Collection = Cavaletti Gullet bars.
Here at The Saddle Bank, we are proud to be an adjustable saddle specialist and help you identify the width of bar you need for your saddle. Our experts are on hand every step of the way to help. You can also utilise our services to receive personalised recommendations for you and your horse.
Adjustable gullet saddles are great for all horses and riders, as you can invest in a quality saddle without worrying about your horse changing width and it no longer fitting. However, they work particularly well for horses which are young and developing, coming back into work or in inconsistent work, or which change shape often due to changes in feed and grass quality.
It is important to note that just because the saddle is adjustable does not mean it can be made to fit any horse. Adjustable saddles also come in different tree shapes suited to standard or wider horses and offer different panel types suited to higher wither standard wither, and lower wither profiles. If you are unsure which brand or model would work for you, feel free to speak to our helpful team.
Whether your budget is £400 or £3500, The Saddle Bank has a fantastic selection of adjustable saddles available to purchase with a 5-day UK trial.

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