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The Saddle Bank are proud to offer the world’s largest selection of quality new and used secondhand dressage saddles. Dressage saddles are commonly used by riders with a flatwork preference or those competing at dressage levels from intro to PSG.

Dressage saddles are designed to elongate the rider’s position and enable them to lengthen their stirrups. To achieve this position, dressage saddles are typically much straighter cut, with longer flaps and extended knee blocks to support the rider in achieving the ideal dressage seat and position.

Dressage saddles are commonly deep-seated with large knee blocks. However, some brands targeted at entry-level dressage riders offer more open seats. These dressage saddles can also work well for riders who need a little more room in the seat or for those who prefer a less restricted feel. Some dressage saddles offer large external blocks to fix the rider into a specific position and offer superior support. Other dressage saddles offer moveable blocks attached by velcro. Therefore, these moveable blocks can be positioned to suit the individual rider. Dressage saddles are available in both monoflap and dual-flap options. Some people prefer a monoflap or single flap to achieve a closer feel of contact with their horse.

Some dressage saddles feature 3 girth straps, which can include a point, neutral and Y girthing option. The Y girthing option is popular on many modern dressage saddles to help balance and stabilise the saddle. You should also consider your horse's back profile. If your horse has a higher wither, you may need something with a deeper rear gusset and fuller drop panels. If your horse has a flat back, you need a saddle suited to a flatter-backed horse. If you have a broad cob-type horse, you will be looking for a saddle with slimmer panels, a wider channel for a broader spine and, ideally, a tree suited to rounder shapes.

Many popular brands and models of dressage saddles are available in the market. Some of our customers favourite dressage saddles include the Albion Fabrento, Arena Dressage, Bates Ariste, Bates Isabell Icon, Cavaletti Monoflap Dressage saddle, Fairfax Gareth, Rebecca or Fairfax World Class, GFS Premier Dressage, Kent and Masters S-Series Dressage, Loxley LX dressage, Monarch Cob Dressage, Wintec 500 Dressage. Whether your budget is £400 or £3500, The Saddle Bank has a fantastic selection of Dressage saddles available to purchase with a 5-day UK trial.

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