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Alternatives to Kieffer saddles

By Jade | February 14, 2022
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  5. Fairfax
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The Kieffer saddle alternative

Kieffer saddles are made in Germany, Munich. Therefore, they are widely used by European riders and popular amongst many European countries. Kieffer make saddles for every discipline from Icelandic to Polo, as well as all the usual disciplines in between. They also offer bridles and accessories too. Kieffer saddle trees are made of high-quality synthetic material and fitted with a soft seat. The trees are dependent on what discipline the saddles are used for, and the conformation of the horse.

The Kieffer dressage saddle

The Kieffer dressage saddles are particularly popular. This is what makes their brand so well-known. They have panels designed for a variety of horse shapes and conformations. Their significant feature their dressage saddles is they want the saddle to swing in harmony with the horse.

However, you may be wondering about alternatives to Kieffer saddles. Here at The Saddle Bank we are going to show you our top 10 alternatives to Kieffer saddles in this blog.

If you are still a bit confused about which saddle or any saddle related product is best for you why not get in touch with our friendly customer support team. Via phone on 01733 301 488 or email info@thesaddlebank.com. Our lovely team are always happy to help as much as they can and provide you with the information you need to make the best decision for you and your horse.

The Saddle Banks top 10 alternative dressage saddles to Kieffer

Equipe Emporio

The Emporio is a super popular model from the Italian saddle brand Equipe. Charlotte Dujardin rode Valegro in the Emporio in the London 2012 Olympics, making this a super popular model of dressage saddle. The trees are synthetic with a foam panel to maximise closeness. The Emporio saddles are made from super quality calfskin. These saddles suit the muscular horses with good top line. The Emporio saddles promote an independent seat which ensures perfect balance for the rider. These saddles have a narrow twist and a subtle depth of seat, so you can sit into the horse and feel the softest of movements underneath you. The Emporio range is the most affordable from the Equipe ranges and is a fantastic entry level model to the Equipe range. 

Available new or used click here to view our current selection of Emporio's.

If we haven't got the one you are looking for please contact us on 01733 301488 or email info@thesadddlebank.com

Bates Artiste

The Bates Artiste is specifically designed to enhance the rider's position and aid in achieving optimal performance in dressage. The Artiste features a range of advanced technologies and design elements that contribute to its exceptional performance and comfort.

The Artiste is a super adjustable monoflap dressage saddle, It features the Easy Change Fit Solution which consists of the Easy Change Gullet System and Easy Change Riser System. Meaning you can get the optimum fit for you and your horse.  The Artiste is on the standard Elastiflex Tree which can be fitted with gullet bars from Narrow up to XW. The panels on the Artiste are the super close contact synergy panels, which are designed to achieve a seamless transition from your seat to your horse. It is also a a very shock absorbing and protective panel, allowing your horse to to be comfortable and you as the rider supported in the full range of movements.

The Artiste comes in Luxe leather which is Bates most luxurious leather range. Luxe leather is super soft but tactile grip leather. 

There are two more features that add to how adjustable the Artiste is for you the rider. This is the adjustable ergonomic stirrup bar and the moveable flexi contourbloc. The adjustable stirrup bar enables you to achieve the most stable lower leg position and the flex contourbloc's which appear to be fixed external blocks can be positioned and angled to suit your ideal dressage position. This saddle is truly adjustable for both horse and rider to achieve a custom fit. 

The Artiste is available here from The Saddle Bank new, ex demo or second hand, simply click here to find your next dressage saddle.

Not sure which gullet bar your horse or pony needs? Click here to learn how about the Bates Gullet Gauge and why it is such a useful tool to have in your tack room.

Equipe Olympia

Another Equipe dressage saddle alternative to Kieffer is the Olympia dressage saddle. This is part of the Theroreme Range which is a synthetic tree. The Equipe Olympia Dressage Saddle features a deep seat and a narrow twist, providing the rider with excellent stability and close contact with the horse. The deep seat helps the rider maintain a correct position and aids in achieving optimal balance during dressage movements. The narrow twist allows for a closer feel of the horse's sides, enabling precise aids and communication between the rider and the horse. The seat comes in a variety of sizes, and there are a range if different width options. Its innovative synthetic saddle tree and flat structure seat gives this close contact saddle enhanced comfort. For the rider, it has different flap length on request, so it can suit you no matter what length you are! The saddle also features large external knee blocks that provide excellent support and stability to the rider's leg position.

Available new or used click here to view our current selection of Olympia's.

If we haven't got the one you are looking for please contact us on 01733 301488 or email info@thesadddlebank.com

Fairfax Gareth and Fairfax Rebecca

The Fairfax Gareth and Rebecca are both monoflap, adjustable gullet bar dressage saddles designed for optimal performance and comfort during dressage competitions and training.

Developed alongside World and European Medallist Gareth Hughes and his equestrian style icon wife Rebecca Hughes. 

The Gareth and Rebecca saddles both feature the Performance Panel which focuses on optimizing the weight distribution across the horse's back and shoulder. The Performance Panel helps to minimize pressure points and allows for greater freedom of movement. The wool flocked panels feature the option to be able to change the velcro shoulder blocks on the saddle to allow for different conformations.

The weight-bearing part of the panel under the rider’s seat is separated from the part under the rider’s knee. This allows the horse’s shoulder independence of movement, free from the restrictions that a traditional panel could potentially cause. It has shown to be particularly beneficial on a horse with big shoulder movement or big shoulders. As well as on horses who are slightly asymmetrical in the shoulder as the shoulder blocks can be swapped, changed or removed completely to ensure the rider is sitting square in the seat.

The Gareth and the Rebecca both feature a deep seat and large fixed surface knee blocks this is offer to you as the rider support and security without restricting you. 

Both models are practically the same saddle in regards to fit and specifications. The biggest differences between the two models is within the aesthetical design. 

The Gareth is a more traditional plainer flap design with a recess for your stirrup leathers to further reduce bulk under your leg. Whereas the Rebecca has added sparkle on it! with an attractive stitching design on the flaps as well as snake skin print on the cantle and stirrup keeper to really get your attention.

So really the question is which would you prefer? Classis elegance of the Gareth or the eye catching Rebecca?

Click here to view our current stock of Fairfax Gareth's and here to see our Rebecca's, which one will you be riding in?

Albion Fabrento

The Albion Fabrento Saddle is a high-quality dressage saddle manufactured by Albion Saddle makers. The Fabrento model is specifically designed for dressage riders who seek optimal comfort, balance, and support. It features a deep seat that provides the rider with a secure and centered position, allowing for enhanced communication and connection with the horse. The saddle also incorporates an extended stirrup bar position, which promotes a correct alignment of the rider's leg and aids whilst maintaining a balanced seat.

The Albion Fabrento is a monoflap saddle that boasts a sleek and elegant design. It is available in various leather options, including full grain Ultima, which is known for its durability and suppleness.

Albion Fabrento Saddle incorporates Albion's unique Adjusta-Tree technology. This system allows for easy adjustment of the saddle's width by an Albion approved qualified saddle fitter, ensuring an optimal fit as the horse's shape changes over time due to factors such as muscle development or weight fluctuations. To learn more about the Adjusta Tree click here.

Available new or used click here to view our current selection of Fabrento's.

If we haven't got the one you are looking for please contact us on 01733 301488 or email info@thesadddlebank.com

GFS Premier Dressage

The GFS Premier Dressage Saddle is an adjustable dressage saddle designed to provide comfort, support, and optimal performance for both horse and rider. Manufactured by GFS Saddles, a renowned saddlery brand known for their craftsmanship and attention to detail, the Premier Dressage Saddle offers a range of features that make it a popular choice among dressage riders.

Like the rest of the current GFS range the Premier Dressage features an adjustable gullet bar, this means you can change the width of your saddle throughout the year as your horse changes shape. The Premier Dressage can take the gullet bars from Narrow up to XX Wide giving you a wide range of width fittings to choose from. It has flocked panels using siliconized wool flock, this prevents balling up of the flocking so reduces risk of uneven pressure on your horse's back. Click here to order the correct gullet bar for your horse.

Another key feature of the GFS Premier Dressage Saddle is its deep seat. The deep seat provides the rider with a secure and balanced position, allowing for greater stability and control during dressage movements. This feature is particularly important in dressage, where precision and harmony between horse and rider are essential. This paired with it being a monoflap saddle to give you that close contact feel.

The saddle also features a generous knee block design. The knee blocks are strategically positioned to support the rider's leg position and aid in maintaining correct alignment without restricting you. This helps you, the rider maintain a correct and effective leg position.

Does the GFS Premier Dressage sound like it could be the saddle for you? Click here to see the saddles we have in stock or get in touch on 01733 301488 if you can't see the one you are wanting.  We also have the matching girth and stirrup leathers in stock to match your new saddle.

Prestige X-Helen K

Manufactured by Prestige Italia the Prestige X-Helen K dressage saddle is a high-quality and innovative saddle designed specifically for dressage riders. The X-Helen K saddle offers a range of features that enhance both the rider's comfort and the horse's performance.

The saddle is built on a synthetic tree made from a combination of materials, including carbon fibre and synthetic fibres. This tree provides excellent flexibility and adaptability, allowing it to conform to the horse's back while distributing the rider's weight evenly. The use of carbon fibre also ensures that the saddle remains lightweight without compromising on strength and durability.

For riders who like to feel close to their horse's movement but still supported the X-Helen is a very deep seated saddle with a narrow twist. The large surface kneed blocks are designed to support the riders leg position without restricting the movement or the horse's shoulder.

The anatomically shaped panels ensure maximum freedom of movement for the trapezius muscles allowing your horse to utilise their full range of movement.

The X-Helen is also available in a dual flap version here.

Why not take a look at the X-Helen K saddles we have in stock here, or our full range of Prestige dressage saddles here.

Loxley Monoflap Dressage

The Loxley Monoflap dressage saddle is a high-quality saddle designed for dressage riders who are looking for a comfortable and supportive ride.

The Loxley Monoflap saddle features a unique monoflap design, which means that the flap is made from a single piece of leather that is seamlessly attached to the tree. This design provides a smooth and consistent surface for the rider's leg, allowing for greater control and balance.

Available on a range of different trees including Loxley's Adjustable Gullet Bar tree. The interchangeable gullet plate system, allows riders to easily adjust the width of the tree to accommodate their horse's shape changing throughout the year. This feature ensures a proper fit and optimal comfort for both horse and rider. The Monoflap dressage also comes in two seat options; classical medium or deep seat depending on which you the rider prefers.

The Loxley Monoflap Dressage saddle also incorporates advanced panel technology. The panels are designed to distribute the rider's weight evenly across the horse's back, reducing pressure points and ensuring maximum comfort. The panels are flocked with high-quality wool, which can be adjusted by a professional saddler to further customise the fit.

Additionally, the Loxley Monoflap Dressage saddle offers a variety of customisation options. Riders can choose from different seat sizes, flap lengths, and block sizes to suit their individual preferences and riding style. The saddle can also be personalized with various decorative options, such as contrasting piping or stitching, to create a unique and stylish look.

Click here to see our currently selection of used Loxley Monoflap Dressage saddles. It is also available in a dual flap model, click here to view our stock of those. 

Bates Isabell Icon

The Bates Isabell Icon Dressage saddle is a super quality, adjustable dual flap dressage saddle. It is the result of a collaboration between Bates Saddles and dressage champion Isabell Werth, who has won numerous Olympic medals and World Equestrian Games titles. This saddle incorporates advanced features that aim to enhance the rider's position, comfort, and connection with the horse.

The Isabel Icon saddle utilises Bates Saddles' renowned CAIR Cushion System and Easy-Change Fit Solution. The CAIR Cushion System consists of air-filled panels that evenly distribute the rider's weight over the horse's back, reducing pressure points and allowing for better blood circulation. The Easy-Change Fit Solution allows riders to easily adjust the saddle's fit by changing the width using interchangeable gullet bars. This ensures optimal fit and comfort for horses with varying shapes and sizes.

The adjustable ergonomic stirrup bars can be adjusted to three different positions, allowing riders to customise their leg position and find the most comfortable and effective alignment. This feature is particularly beneficial for riders with different body proportions or those who prefer a specific leg position. 

The Bates Isabell Icon saddle also incorporates an adjustable Y-girthing system. This system allows the rider to adjust the girth straps independently, providing a more even distribution of pressure across the horse's barrel. This helps to enhance the horse's comfort and freedom of movement, as well as improving saddle stability. It also features a moveable over girth. The over girth wraps the saddle flaps around your horse, the movable over girth delivers unrestricted feel of your horse’s body and totally stabilises the supple flap. With enhanced contact you will enjoy a stable lower leg that helps even the most demanding moves appear effortless.

Unlike some high end dressage saddles that have fixed surface knee blocks the Isabell Icon has moveable knee blocks so you can position them to how you feel most comfortable when in the saddle.

To get your Isabell Icon simply click here, and don't forget the matching stirrup webbers to reduce wear on your new saddle by clicking here.

Learn more about how saddles should fit.

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