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By Jade | January 17, 2020
  1. Prestige

The History behind Prestige

Prestige is an Italian Saddle Brand that has evolved over the past 40 years and is based on innovative ideas, highly skilled craftsmanship and a passion for horses. They aim to create unique and outstanding saddles that enhance the well being and performance of both horse and rider. Since the saddle is the main point of contact between the horse and rider, Prestige have always emphasized the need to create innovative designs that respect both. In the 70's Prestige were the pioneers behind the synthetic fibre tree and over the years have continued to create additional, stand out design features such as, colour personalisation for the trim and stitching and the use of rawhide leather to protect the cantle from being damaged.


Jump Saddles

Saddles play a key role in helping to achieve optimum performance. All Prestige Jump saddles are designed with the maximum comfort in mind to ensure freedom of movement for the horse's shoulders. The knee and calf blocks have been designed to enable the rider to maintain a balanced, secure seat and the calfskin used to create the saddles provide increased grip, helping the rider to stay in the correct position.

Prestige Jump Saddles

The Roma Jump Saddle

The Roma Jump Saddle is well suited as an entry level jump saddle, perhaps for a rider new to the jumping discipline. This saddle has been designed with a deep, narrow twist which helps riders achieve the correct position, whilst the knee pads enable the rider to keep close to the horse. The white stitching and logo on the cantle add to the modern design. Standard tree which is designed to adapt to the horse.



This saddle features a new revolutionary unisex tree, featuring the "COCCYX-PROTECTION-SYSTEM" technology (CPS). this latest technology has a greater capacity to absorb all stress and movement and was developed to protect the riders back and pelvis. The Synchrony has a wider tree in the pommel with slightly angled tree points which allows the rider to place the saddle further forward, without hindering the horse's shoulders. These new design features allow for a greater range of movement for the withers and the trapezius muscle, which allows the horse to move without any restrictions and perform optimally. The seat is designed to be wider towards the cantle and is very comfortable as a result of the new membrane technology in the tree. The panels on this saddle have been designed to be shorter and are anatomically shaped to create a larger surface area, enabling even weight distribution.



A saddle created in Collaboration with Italien designer Matteo Cibic. This saddle features an extremely comfortable seat, unisex tree, wider panels to distribute the riders weight more evenly and thinner, integrated saddle flaps to improve the close contact feel. This saddle would be well suited to a horse with normal or small withers. The Istinto tree has been designed with X-Technology, made from an elastic honeycomb membrane and a layer of soft rubber, the innovative technology guarantees rider comfort. The saddle is flocked with a synthetic fibre.

Dressage Saddles

Prestige have developed a range of elegant dressage saddles for those looking for a close contact feel with the horse and maximum freedom of movement. A saddle needs to facilitate the communication between horse and rider, which is why Prestige saddles are designed to be close contact, enabling the rider to be in perfect balance and therefore allowing the horse to freely execute movements in elegance and harmony


Prestige Dressage Saddles


A close contact saddle to enhance freedom of movement to the horse. This model has a deep and comfortable seat to keep the riders balance to the front of the saddle. The fit of the saddle is well suited to short, muscular horses and the panels are shaved in the front to facilitate freedom of movement to the shoulders.The X-D1K tree has been designed with X-Technology, made from an elastic honeycomb membrane and a layer of soft rubber, the innovative technology guarantees rider comfort. The saddle is flocked with a synthetic fibre. The saddle also features elastic front girth straps and large fixed knee blocks.


X-Optimax K

The X-Optimax K is a fresh take on the renowned X-Optimax dressage saddle, now available in a monoflap version. This saddle stands out with its forward-thinking design and a deep, comfortable seat. The front flap boasts enhanced contouring, adding to its distinctive style. Anatomically crafted panels ensure unrestricted movement of the shoulder muscles. This saddle adapts seamlessly to various horse conformations, making it a prime choice for equines with high shoulder blades. Designed with precision, the generously sized knee blocks are anatomically contoured and thoughtfully positioned higher on the flap, offering enhanced rider knee mobility. 


L.C Dressage

This Model was produced in collaboration with Laura Conz, the coach of the Italian Equestrian Federation (FISE). The saddle has a deep seat and is made of high quality Italian calf leather, with improved anti - slip properties. The saddle is designed too hold the riders seat close to the horse and has specially designed knee blocks, which have been placed in a new position within the flap to allow more freedom of movement. Not only does this saddle feel luxurious to ride in but it also has a unique look, making it a highly desirable saddle.

Event saddles

Cross country is a demanding and high risk discipline so Prestige have developed a range of saddles with particular focus on rider safety as well as comfort and freedom for the horse. The use of calfskin products are a key factor in providing better grip to enable riders to achieve optimum balance when in the saddle.

Prestige Event Saddles

X CONTACT K (monoflap)

This model features a medium deep seat, which is thinner for closer contact with the horse and also 30% wider at the cantle, providing more space in the seat. Anatomically shaped blocks located on the knee pads to ensure the rider's optimal support and safety during cross country. The saddle also features wide panels, which evenly distributes the riders weight. The tree in this saddle is made from X- technology, an elastic honeycomb membrane and layer of soft rubber, to guarantee rider comfort.


X-Advanced (mono flap)

This model offers the rider comfort and freedom of movement during all aspects of jumping. The saddle has a narrow twist which provides excellent contact and anatomically designed front blocks, placed on the knee pads to ensure rider stability and safety. The attractive design features inserts in pansy leather on the back of the cantle, on the stirrup leather keepers and on the channel between the panels. The panels are anatomically shaped to allow for maximum freedom of movement for the trapezius muscles. The tree benefits from X-Technology to guarantee rider comfort. This model would suit horses with normal or small withers.


X-Breath K (mono flap)

This model is ultra light weight with ventilation holes on the flaps and seat. The tree benefits from X-Breathe technology which presents an ample and innovative opening in the seat. This oval-shaped hole at the centre of the seat provides ventilation for enhanced air circulation. This is cooling for both horse and rider and also relieves pressure on the coccyx so provides a therapeutic benefit. The saddle features a stylish coloured trim. This saddle would be suited for both normal and small withered horses.

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