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Saddles for Sale Near me - Why location doesn't matter.

By Jade | February 14, 2022
  1. Selling a Saddle

Saddles for sale near me...

In this article we will discuss all about the term 'Saddles for sale near me' and why location really doesn't matter! 

Have you ever searched “Saddles for sale near me?” Or have you had a saddle that you want to sell and search for “Second-hand saddlery near me?” Many customers have. After reading this blog you won’t need to go anywhere else but The Saddle Bank! Now with all this modern technology we can make your life so much easier.

The Saddle Bank provides a wide range of saddles, so we are here for you! We also offer a five-day trial service, so you can shop today and ride tomorrow, thanks to the quick delivery service we offer! Don’t think we only deliver in England; we deliver internationally as well!

The Saddle Bank can give you a one-hour delivery time slot and tracking information when delivering to our UK clients. For the International buyers we will also give you tracking information so you can see where your saddle is from the comfort of your own (and probably sunnier) home. We stock brand new saddles and second-hand saddles. If you buy a brand-new saddle from us, you will have the manufacturer’s warranty on whatever saddle we decide to go for.

The Saddle Bank is the worlds most trusted online saddle retailer with saddles sold all over the world every single week.

Look at our range of second-hand saddles here

Check out the blog on how to sell your saddles direct to the saddle bank here

If you are still a bit confused about which saddle or any saddle related product is best for you why not get in touch with our friendly customer support team. Via phone on 01733 301 488 or email info@thesaddlebank.com. Our lovely team are always happy to help as much as they can and provide you with the information you need to make the best decision for you and your horse.

What to check for when you are buying a second-hand saddle

Here at The Saddle Bank we care about YOU. We want the best for you and your horse. Firstly, as already said you get a five-day trial with the saddle you choose so you can test ride the saddle to ensure you are happy with the fit for you and your horse. Secondly, we give you a six-month warranty on all second hands saddles. Therefore, you know that we are backing the products we are selling in that they are sound and fit for purpose. That’s not all! We also offer a guaranteed buy back price within 9 whole months of buying the saddle. We know things change, horses change shape, riders change horses. Therefore, you know in advance the price we will offer to buy the saddle back from you.  It is important to make sure the second-hand saddle you enquire about has a saddle inspection report, this is so you know the saddle has been checked and inspected. At The Saddle Bank we make sure every second-hand saddle has a digital inspection certificate to make sure it is up to the standard we are determined to provide.

How do you buy a second-hand saddle? We make it very easy. All you need is the brand, colour, and seat size you want. You also need to know the saddle width, wither profile and the discipline you want your saddle for. All you need then is to put the measurements in and you will have a wide range of saddles.
If you are unsure on the width of your horse, you can purchase a Flexi Curve, take a template of your horse and send it into our team who will be happy to advise. 

Check out the blog here for how to take a template for your horse to get the correct saddle:

The friendly customer support team at The Saddle Bank are always happy to give you help and advice with any questions and queries you have. We stock over 1200 saddles across 50 top brands, therefore we have no brand bias. We will recommend what we think is best for you and your horse - not what's in the back of our van or warehouse! We stock second-hand as well as new saddles for all disciplines and in the unlikely event we don't have what you are looking for, we can order it in for you!

Why choose the Saddle Bank

Have you ever gone into a second-hand saddlery and just took their word for your saddle not being worth much? Just took their offer and thought oh well at least its hassle free? Not anymore! Let me tell you about what we can offer to you.

The Saddle Bank can offer you all the services you need. Want to swap your saddle for a new one? We offer part exchange. Want to sell your saddle? We offer a hassle free selling service. We can offer you a price for either commission or outright sale depending on the brand. 

So even for selling your saddle you don't need to use the term 'saddles for sale near me' ever again!

If after reading this blog it has got you questioning the fitting of your saddle, then we can also help to connect you with your local independent saddlel fitter. 

Saddle accessories

The Saddle Bank provide great after-care service to look after your saddles. Firstly, we have gullet bars and gullet gages to help keep on top of your horses’ shape to ensure the saddle is fitting correctly. Don’t panic if your horse out grows the saddles slightly, we also supply easy riser pads specific to the brands of the saddles such as Wintec and bates to pad out the saddle better to aid the fit. We also supply a Cavaletti collection adjusta pad, perfect for short-term changes. Check out this blog to see if you need a riser pad.

We do a wide and top of the range stirrup leathers. We also provide all the leather care you need, including care for the synthetic saddles. The icing on the cake is a waterproof saddle cover to protect your saddle from getting scratches and from the elements! Check out this blog on why you should use a saddle cover.

Do you want to expand your knowledge in saddle fitting?

Let me tell you guys about what The Saddle Bank can do for you. After all, it’s in the name isn’t it!
The Saddle Bank has a variety of services to help you so that you don’t need to choose anywhere else.

Saddles are such an important piece of equipment, if your saddle doesn’t fit correctly, it can cause an unlimited number of problems. The Saddle Bank understand this, and with our online academy we can help you gain more knowledge. We have two courses specifically designed for saddles. Our first course is “Recognising Saddle Fit Issues”. This is an online course, and it is designed for owners and riders to gain a wider understanding of how our saddles sit on our horses. The second course related to this topic is “Saddle Fitter Pathway”, this is a course designed as an introductory course and advises you on the possible routes to have a successful career in saddle fitting. These two courses are accessible via this link, there are other courses to choose from too, so be sure to  take a look!

Saddles are a vital piece of equipment. Here at The Saddle Bank, we are determined to make your life easier. So, whatever your wanting, check out our website for more details!

If you are a horse owner or rider and would like to learn more about saddle fitting. As well as how the saddle can impact your horses performance and welfare, click on the link below:

Banner to learn more about recognising saddle fit issues

Thank you!

Thank you for reading this article! We hope you found it useful!

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The Saddle Bank Team x

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