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What is an endurance saddle?

By Jade | June 9, 2022
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The Endurance Saddle

In this blog we are going to be look at the Endurance Saddle. Arabian horses are particularly popular for this discipline, as they are very well-known for their stamina. There are two types of endurance saddles, English and Australian (more commonaly known as an Austrailian stock saddle). Endurance riding is a tough sport and certainly not for the faint hearted. The horses and riders must be able to compete over a varied amount of terrain and weather.

The training of this sport is very demanding as it requires very high levels of fitness. Both horse and rider as a combination must be at peak fitness for their season. There are two competitive types of Endurance: Competitive Trial riding and Endurance riding. Competitive Trial riding covers 15 – 40 miles over 1 – 3 days. They must complete the trial in a specified time. Endurance riding covers 50 – 100 miles in 1 day. This is completed over a 10 – 12-hour period. In the UK Endurance training and competitions are run by the governing body Endurance GB.

The aim is simple – the winner is who’s first to cross the finish line. An Endurance saddle is specifically designed for the horse and rider. These saddles are lightweight and durable. They are designed for added comfort and convenience on these long rides.

If you are still a bit confused about which saddle or any saddle related product is best for you why not get in touch with our friendly customer support team. Via phone on 01733 301488 or email info@thesaddlebank.com. Our lovely team are always happy to help as much as they can and provide you with the information you need to make the best decision for you and your horse.



The benefits of the Endurance Saddle

The Endurance saddle is designed to be light weight, durable and comfortable. The weight of the saddle is important. Having a heavy saddle will fatigue the horse quicker. The English version of this saddle is fashioned more like an English VSD saddle with a slightly deeper seat and longer flaps. The Australian saddle has more Western/Stock saddle features. It has a deep seat, and it is designed for comfort on different terrain

The English Endurance saddle

This saddle designed to sit in for long periods of time. Endurance saddles are deisgned to be lightweight, the  advantages of this are it reduces fatigue for horse and rider on long distances over varied terrain. Additional D rings are attached around the front of the saddle. These rings are to carry supplies, due to the distance covered, supplies such as water need to be carried on the journey. 

The seat is what separates the saddle apart. The seat has extra padding to prevent sore muscles. The saddle is specifically fitted to absorb movement. This benefits the horse too, as it gives the horse freedom without compromising their safety. The saddle has a long, striaghter cut flap, which is designed to be ridden with long stirrups. You can’t ride in a short stirrup length for hours on end, well, not if you want to be able to walk the next day! Of course, you don’t have to compete professionally to have an endurance saddle. If you enjoy riding over long periods of time they are worth looking into!

See below to see the differences between the Wintec Endurance Saddle and the Wintec 2000 All Purpose saddle

What Brands make Endurance Saddles?

Here at the Saddle Bank, we are able to order our customers Endurance saddles. The Bates Icelandic Saddle this saddle is made from heritage leather and has a more modern, deeper seat. The improved Wintec Pro Endurance is another one of our saddles that we have in stock ready to dispatch. This Wintec saddle is easy to maintain and has unbeatable comfort. More details on these fantastic saddles are available here.

If you are looking for a comfortable saddle for those extra long rides but not quite and endurance saddle check out the stock saddles we have available here.

Are you still unsure about which saddle would suit you best? You can talk to our team direct and we will help you find the best one for you and your steed! We sell over 1200 saddles, so check out the adjustable saddles we have to offer here!

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