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What is the difference between the Wintec Wide and the standard Wintec models?

By Victoria | March 17, 2022
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Wintec Wide and Wintec standard models – know the differences!

In this article we will discuss all about the Wintec Wide saddles, and their ever increasing popularity within the equestrian community. This blog should help give you a broader understanding of the Wintec Wide saddles  and whether one might be suitable for you and your horse.

If you are still a bit confused about which saddle or any saddle related product is best for you why not get in touch with our friendly customer support team. Via phone on 0345 030 4916 or email info@thesaddlebank.com. Our lovely team are always happy to help as much as they can and provide you with the information you need to make the best decision for you and your horse.


Who are Wintec?


Whether you are the ultimate full time professional, or a committed hobby rider, you are bound to have heard of Wintec saddles. Wintec are the leading worlds number 1 in Synthetic saddles. They don’t get this name for nothing! Made in Australia, they have worked rigorously into developing saddles on a lower budget, but with high standards. They do this by creating a synthetic saddle, this is a durable material that is easy to maintain, and very cost effective. We sell the wintec saddle cleaner, a simple spray and wipe over is all that is required. Buy this spray at a bargain price here

They have created saddles for every discipline, from the all-purpose, dressage, jumping, kids and pony and even stock and endurance! These saddles have the added advantage of being adjustable, and they use HART (horse and rider technology). Their easy-change adjustable system is very quick, and easy to do. It does not have to be done by a professional. There are 2 adjustable systems on these saddles. Here at The Saddle Bank we stock both! The easy change riser system and the adjustable gullet system.

For more information on the easy change riser system and the adjustable gullet system see links below!

On how to fit the easy change riser system, check out this blog.

Need to know more details on how to measure your horse for a gullet bar check out this blog.

Want more information on the easy change standard riser system pack? Click this link.

What is HART? A combination of technology which is made to give horse and rider comfortability and full movement. The HART system has CAIR cushion system, Easy-change fit solution, Elastiflex tree, performance panel technology and comfort seat technology. To understand more about the CAIR cushion system, check out this link.


What is a Wintec Wide saddle?


In 2019 Wintec developed a new range for wide and high withered horses. Today, we are focusing on the wide saddle. The Wintec wide is customised for the cob, or particularly wide horses. They have a system in place, all with different colours of gullets, so you can get the one perfect for you. So if you are struggling to find a saddle to fit your wide four-legged friend, then the Wintec wide is for you! This saddle is supportive and enables the rider to achieve the perfect position.

These saddles have new improved comfort on the standard wintec range. They have developed:

  • Rider comfort – soft seats that feels close and secure
  • Super soft panels, which mould around your horses muscles,
  • Widths from 1XW to 4XW,
  • Grippy seat for extra support when you need it most (although lets hope you don’t!)


Who are the Wintec Wide saddles for?

The Wintec Wide saddles are designed for the, as the name suggests, wider equines!

There are four wide saddles in the Wintec range. The wintec 500 Wide dressage gives extra support which enables you to feel secure in your position. This leather-look saddle is durable in every weather condition! This saddle is great for dressage lovers, as it allows your wide horse to be more supported, enabling them to move to their full potential. Which means, you are more likely to be taking home the red rosette at the end of your dressage competition! They also do a Wintec pro wide dressage saddle, so for the riders who are committed to dancing this one is for you!

The Wintec Lite Wide all-purpose saddle is a lightweight saddle, perhaps you enjoy going on long rides? This saddle will ensure you and your horse are comfortable for the whole time!
The Wintec 500 wide all-purpose has been designed so that the rider has a surprisingly close contact which allows an effortless leg position and perfect balance. This saddle is designed for all disciplines, so if you prefer a bit of variety, this is for you!


The differences between the Wide and the standard Wintec range


Other than stating the obvious change in width, a wider saddle benefits horse and rider in a multiple of ways. The extra wide gullet, which is white, is fitted to any standard Wintec model. However, if you need more width, then the Wintec wide developed 3 further gullets, lilac, pink and purple. It’s important to note- gullets made for the original Wintecs, should not be used on the Wintec wides, and vice versa. If you have a saddle which is too narrow for your steed, it can result in your horse becoming extremely uncomfortable. If your saddle is rubbing on the horses shoulders or sitting too low on their back then it could mean your saddle is too narrow.

A wide saddle not only gives your horse free movement, but it also evenly distributes the weight of the rider more evenly over the horses back. We all know that horses can get sore backs. With the advantage of your horse having a wider circumference, then the weight can be spread more evenly on a wide saddle, whereas if your saddle is too narrow it can cause weight to be specifically on certain points, causing pressure points for your horse.

The standard Wintec goes from narrow – extra wide. The wide Wintec goes from 1XW – 4XW.

You can also design these saddles with matching chafeless elastic girths. We stock these too, whether you need a short or a long version, click on these links accordingly.

For the standard/long girth

For the short girth


Want to try one?

Are you looking for your next Wintec Wide saddle? Why not trial one via The Saddle Bank

The Saddle Bank offer 5 Day Trials on all Quality Used saddles to UK Mainland customers. Therefore, you can try the saddle before committing to keeping it.

Full details on our trial policy can be found here.

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Just email us for a quote info@thesaddlebank.com

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If you are fortunate enough to live in the Peterborough, East Northamptonshire, or South Lincolnshire areas you can even book a fitting directly with us at The Saddle Bank here.

second hand saddle

Learn more about how saddles should fit….

If you are a horse owner or rider and would like to learn more about saddle fitting. As well as how the saddle can impact your horses performance and welfare, click on the link below:

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Thank you!

Thank you for reading this article! We hope you found it useful!

Please do check out our YouTube channel and subscribe for loads of videos, tips and tricks!

We would also love you to join our community of horse lovers on Instagram and Facebook!

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