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Amerigo Saddles

 Back to Italian quality for today. Amerigo saddles are well known for their high quality and made to measure saddles. Their saddles are well thought of for comfort and support of both horse and rider, having specific features for both. They design saddles for the dressage, show jumping and event rider. And uniquely, they cater for the Icelandic horses too. As well as thinking of the general appearance. Their saddles have three options of leather:

  • Grip leather, hard wearing calf skin,
  • Pinerolo and special leather, soft calf skin and
  • Traditional leather, high quality cowhide.

Interesting fact: Menetsattel, is the man behind Amerigo saddles. Himself and Selleria Equipe work in a partnership in research and development to fulfil requirements. The sport is constantly expanding. Therefore, the saddle market needs constant research to keep on top of the sports forever-changing requirements.
The way they look after their rider stands out to us. They have different anatomically shaped knee rolls, all different thickness. These rolls also come in a Velcro fastening, meaning it can be shaped for different disciplines. Another point on this is the way they can make different flap lengths, to suit the shorter-leg rider or the taller rider.

If you are still a bit confused about anything to do with Amerigo Saddles; which is best for you or what we have in stock; why not get in touch with our friendly customer support team. Via phone on 0345 030 4916 or email info@thesaddlebank.com. Our lovely team are always happy to help as much as they can and provide you with the information you need to make the best decision for you and your horse.

What sizes does the Amerigo saddle cater for?


Amerigo have a wide range of saddles suited to all different shapes and sizes, they even offer different panel depths and softness for the ultimate fit and comfort! Their sizes start at the very narrow, known as the -2. The -1 is known as the medium narrow, M – Medium, +1 – Medium wide, +2 – Wide and then the extra wide being +3.

They also come in 0.5 sizes as well; perfect for if your horse or pony is in-between sizes.

The numbers stand for 1cm so M +1 is 1cm wider than M!


Amerigo Saddles 2 tree options


Amerigo saddles have two trees available. The Amerigo tree and the Amerigo Vega Tree.

The Amerigo tree is the traditional tree. It is made from wooden spring trees. There is a wide selection of sizes on these saddles, meaning it can cater for any shape of horse.


The Amerigo Vega Tree is a specially created synthetic tree. This tree has a steel head plate which ensures its durability. The different material in the tree, means the synthetic saddle has a lot of flexibility.  This saddle is made in their most popular measurements.

amerigo saddle

Can my Amerigo saddle be adjusted?


Are they an adjustable saddle? In the way most people would think of if you said adjustable no. They don’t feature the changeable gullets like some brands. However they can be adjusted; but only by Amerigo themselves or the one fitter in the UK approved to adjust them as well. Amerigo saddles can also have the panels reflocked or changed to suit your horse as well!  We recommend getting in touch with one of our team if you think these saddles appeal to you. Our team are specialists in saddle fitting. Therefore, by getting in touch, we can fit an Amerigo saddle specially for you and your four-legged steed. If you are not in our area, we can talk you through how to go about fitting an Amerigo saddle.  Check out this link to see where we are based.


We have a wide selection of Amerigo saddles for sale here at The Saddle Bank. Did you know all our saddles come with a 5 day trial? This trial is perfect to see if we have the Amerigo saddle for you.  We offer next working day delivery if ordered by 11am! Click here to see what we currently have in stock.

Saddle Fitting

Saddle fitting is a something we are really passionate about. Here at The Saddle Bank we see too often saddles which fit the horses very poorly. We feel it is something that is overlooked a lot. In fact, we have designed a course so that horse owners can get more knowledge on the wide world that is saddle fitting. The Recognising Saddle Fit Issues course gives our customers knowledge so that they can assess their own saddles. The course is £15.00 and gives you long-lasting knowledge which can help in assessing the fit of your saddles, and explain what to look for if you decide to part-exchange! To enhance your equestrian knowledge further, check out our online academy courses here.

If you are fortunate enough to live in the Peterborough, East Northamptonshire, or South Lincolnshire areas you can even book a fitting directly with us at The Saddle Bank here.

adjustable saddle brands

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