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Bates Innova Mono Dressage Saddle

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Who are Bates?

Bates is part of the Saddlery Brands International Family which includes Wintec and Arena. They are an Australian brand renowned all over the world for their adjustable gullet saddles with the unique CAIR cushion panels. Bates offer a selection of saddles for all disciplines from All Purpose, Show jumping, eventing and dressage. In this post we will be looking at the Bates Innova Mono Dressage saddle so you can decide if this is the right monoflap dressage saddle for you and your horse.

Bates Innova Mono Dressage Blog

What is the Innova Mono Dressage

The Innova, short for Innovative is a monoflap dressage saddle offering unrivalled close contact connection for the rider through to the horse. The Innova is well loved for is large external thigh blocks which offer the rider fantastic comfort and support.

Bates Innova Mono Dressage Blog

Features of the Bates Innova Mono Dressage

  • Monoflap design (single flap which reduces the bulk between the horse and rider).
  • External anatomically contoured Flexicontourbloc’s offer slight adjustments for the perfect fit.
  • Comfortable deep seat to enable the rider to achieve the optimum position.
  • Adjustable ergonomic stirrup bar which is designed to reduce the bulk under the riders leg. This can be positioned to suit the rider by simply lifting the catch and sliding the bar into the perfect position.
  • Fluid cushioning in the panels to eliminate pressure points on your horses back and enable even weight distribution. This helps to promote blood flow which enables your horse greater muscle development and improved performance.
  • Quilted panel points for a more comfortable fit behind your horses shoulder.
  • Y Girthing arrangement to improve saddle stability and ultimately horse comfort.
  • Oppulence or Luxe leather options – both of which offer that ultimate luxury feel and look.

BlogMonoflap Dressage Saddle Blog

What type of horse does it fit?

The Innova Mono Dressage saddle works really well on low to standard withered horses with fairly flat backs.

However, with all Bates saddles minor adjustments can be made with the Easy Change Riser Shim system enabling you to make minor adjustments of 4 or 8mm to the saddle to achieve the perfect fit.

You can order yourself the Easy Change Riser System shims here.


What seat size do you need?

Many riders are confused over the sizing of the Bates Innova Mono Dressage saddle. This is because the saddle comes in size 0,1 or 2.

0 = approx. 16.5-17 inch (42-43cm)

1 = approx. 17 -17.5 inch (43-44cm)

2 = approx. 17.5-18 inch (44-46cm)

However, it is worth noting that many riders find the saddle comes up quite large.

There are some important considerations to make when choosing which size saddle to order. Firstly, how long is your horses back? A saddle should not sit past your horses 18th Thoracic Vertebrae (or T18 as it is also known). Behind the shoulder blade (scapula) to T18 is your horses saddle support area. Choosing a saddle which is too long for your horse will cause your horse lumbar pain and discomfort and could result in your horse showing signs of pain through bucking/rearing and being unable to work correctly.

Secondly you need to consider yourself as a rider. How tall are you? What weight are you? What is your build type?

Example: You are 5’7, approx. 10 stone and you usually ride in a 17.5 inch GP saddle. You may find that the Size 0 of the Bates Innova works better for you as they can come up a little larger.

Of course is also depends on rider preference for how much room you like to have in a saddle, or how securely you like to feel supported.

What width do you need?

To establish what width your horse needs you can use the Bates gullet gauge which will determine what size gullet bar you need.

You can order your Bates gullet gauge here.

The difference between the Bates Innova Mono and the Bates Artiste Dressage saddle

In 2020 Bates released their latest model of monoflap dressage saddle; the Bates Artiste Dressage saddle.

Both the Innova Mono and the Artiste are both Bates monoflap dressage saddles with external Flexicontourbloc’s. So what is the difference?

The Artiste is only available in the Luxe leather option which offers a grippy, soft, supportive feel for the rider

The Artiste also incorporates the SweetSpot technology which guides you into the correct position, enabling for a longer leg and perfect alignment for support body balance.

One of the main differences between the Artiste and the Innova Mono is the Artiste features the SynergyPanel which is a low profile panel design which helps to free up your horses movements to enable them to perform at their best.

The Bates Artiste retails at £3499 whereas the Innova Mono retails at £2699 for the opulence leather or £2999 for the Luxe leather.

Bates Artiste Blog

Where to buy a Bates Innova Mono Dressage

If you would like to ride in the Bates Innova Mono Dressage saddle you can order yours here > https://www.thesaddlebank.com/?s=innova


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