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Which Jump saddle is right for you?

When looking for a new jump saddle there are many things you should consider. With the thousands of jump saddles for sale online where do you start?
In this article we will look at different things to consider, and you also have the option to watch our video on the top 10 most popular jump saddles for sale on the market!

  • Which size jump saddle do you need?
  • The type of jump saddle that suits your horse and what is your horses requirements?
  • What flap length do you need?
  • How much support do you like over fences?
  • What type of panels are you looking for?
  • What is your budget?
  • Our top picks

Trial a saddle

What size Jump Saddle do you need?

Firstly and most importantly, it is crucial to get a suitable jump saddle for both horse and rider. Getting the correct seat size is imperative to the horses health, ensuring that the weight is not putting pressure behind the last rib. Similarly, its really important to ensure the rider has the correct seat size, as if the seat is too small or large for the rider, it could cause them to ride unbalanced, or not in the correct position which will cause further pressure points on the horses back.

Find out the seat size you need, and the width of your horse. Your local saddle fitter will be able to confirm this information for you.

What type of jump saddle suits your horse and what is your horses requirements?

Your horses confirmation will determine the type and brand of saddle you can have. Not all saddles are suitable for all horses.
Is your horse a low withered round cob, or is it a high withered horse, or maybe it has a flat back. One saddle does not fit all, so its important to ensure you get a brand and model which compliments your horses conformation.

What flap length do you need?

The length and width of the flap is something that should be considered. You also need to factor in how short you have your stirrups as you do not want your knee overlapping the front of the flap.

How much support do you like over fences?

Some saddles provide a really fixed in stable position such as the Albion K2 jump saddle. Some people love this feeling of security. Whereas others feel too locked in place. Consider what you prefer and look for a brand which offers that throughout their model range.

Albion K2 Jump Saddle

What type of panels are you looking for?

Did you want traditional wool flocked panels, air filled bags (Flair), memory foam panels, or possibly Bates CAIR cushion panels. What does your horse prefer? Some horses will go much better in Flair panel saddles than wool flocked, and some hate it.

Find your horses preference for his/her new jump saddle. Your fitter should be able to enable you to try a few different jump saddles to see what suits best.

What is your budget?

Budget is a big thing to consider when looking at jump saddles for sale. Some people have generous budgets which is great – they can purchase what they want within reason. If you are on a tighter budget you must put the horses needs over your finances. Do not buy something cheap and cheerful because its all you can afford if its going to wreck your horses back.. Whats worth more?
Look into various finance and funding options, and see what works for you.

adjustable jump saddle

The Saddle Bank’s top picks!

So here is a round up of our favourite jump saddles;

  • Albion K2 Jump = Really popular design, larged fixed knee and thigh blocks offer really good support
  • Equipe Expression = Flat seat, butter soft leather, and padded knee rolls for rider comfort
  • Amerigo Vega Special Mono = Close contact panels, soft calf skin leather padded knee rolls, external calf blocks for support
  • Fairfax Spirit = High quality, adjustable gullet saddle with wool flocked panels and velcro knee/calf blocks which can be positioned to suit the rider
  • Kent and Masters/Thorowgood Jump Saddle = Good, affordable jump saddle with velcro knee/calf blocks, and interchangeable gullet bars.

Find out the Top 10 Most Popular jump saddles in our video below

We hope you enjoyed our video on the Top 10 Most popular jump saddles!


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