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Are Kent and Masters saddles really that great? 

Kent and Masters has been one of the most popular brands in the UK for the past few years now. Kent & Masters offer a range of affordable, leather saddles on a variety of trees to suit a wide range of horse types/breeds/conformation profiles. Their saddles feature the ever popular SimaTree which is a lightweight plastic tree offering the ability to alter the width of the gullet in a matter of minutes by swapping out the metal head plate. More information on How to change a Kent and Masters gullet bar below. Many people get confused over whether they need the Kent and Masters S Series or Original. The answer to this depends on you as the rider (your shape, size, leg length etc) and your horse (conformation profile/type/size etc).

Here at The Saddle Bank, the worlds most trusted online saddle retailer, we love the range offered by Kent and Masters as well as the ease of adjusting the gullet bars. We find them a super easy brand to understand through their consistency of stamping saddles with the seat size and model. The features of these saddles means there really is a Kent and Masters model for most horses.

In this article we will discuss all things Kent and Masters and why they are so popular amongst many riders. This should help you decide if a Kent and Masters saddle is right for you and your horse. If so, why not trial one from The Saddle Bank. The Saddle Bank offer 5 day UK mainland trials on all new and used saddles with fast next working day delivery. If you are overseas don’t worry – we ship worldwide!  

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If by the end of the article you are not sure if a Kent and Masters is right for you and your horse, or if you are unsure which model you need, why not get in touch with our friendly customer support team via phone 0345 030 4916 or email info@thesaddlebank.com. Our lovely team are always happy to help as much as they can and provide you with the information you need to make the best decision for you and your horse.

Kent and Masters Saddle

About Kent and Masters

Kent and Masters saddles are handmade in England by qualified master saddles in the renowned town of Walsall. They are a mid range saddle brand built by the same manufacturers and on the same tree’s as Thorowgood (budget end) and Fairfax (premium end). Kent & Masters offer a variety of models in both their Original and S Series range available in various sizes. Therefore, there is something to suit most horses and ponies.

Kent & Masters Range

Kent and Masters currently offer a range of Dressage, GP, Jump and Pony saddles as well as offering saddles specifically suited to Cobs and High Wither horses. As mentioned, there are two main ranges with Kent & Masters saddles; the original range and the Kent and Masters S Series range.

There are many K & M saddles available in circulation in the second hand market. They are a great all round, comfortable saddle for everyday use and competing. If you are thinking of buying second hand make sure you check out our guide on 5 Must Know Tips for Buying a Saddle online.

To ensure you purchase the correct model for your horse, always ask to see the stamp on the saddle. This can be found under the left side girth straps. The stamp will clarify the seat size and model for you, so that you can check the saddle is the correct one for your horse.

Adjustable Gullet

Kent and Masters saddles are fitted with the SimaTree and changeable gullet bars. The gullet bars come in two different types. The first is the S Bar which is shorter, designed to fit lower headed trees and square cantle saddles. Secondly there is the R Bar which is longer, designed to fit higher headed trees and saddles with round cantles.  The exception to the rule is the S-Series jump saddle, which takes an R Bar despite having a semi square cantle. You can find out more about gullet bars here.

Each of the bars comes in a variety of sizes from Narrow/Medium up to Extra Extra Wide (S Bar only). The gullet bars are very easy to change, and can be done so within 5 minutes by using an Allen key to unscrew the bolts, remove the gullet, replace it with the new gullet bar, and refit the bolts.

If you are unsure you can watch this short video which will demonstrate how to change the Kent and Masters or Thorowgood gullet bar.


Kent and Masters have two distinguishing ranges; the Original and the S-Series.

It is easy to identify which range the saddle is from as Kent and Masters S Series saddles have ghosted stitching on the knee rolls and offer a calf/thigh roll. The original range is not an older range. Kent and Masters still manufacture this range, it just offers a different fitting.

Kent and Masters Saddle

(Left = S-Series GP, Right = Original GP)

As you can see the seat shape is different on the S Series GP which is suited to narrower hipped, more petite riders. The Original GP offers a wider more open seat, giving riders a little more room. The Original GP is great for those of us with slightly larger bums!

Various Models – which one suits you?

 S Series Jump Saddle

Universal GP

S Series Compact GP

Cob GP

S Series Pony Jump

Full information on the fitting of these saddles can be found on our website if you are looking to purchase.

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S Series Jump Saddle

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