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The Saddle Bank, the UKs leading online saddle shop wants to help YOU sell your saddle!

Are you looking to sell your saddle? Do any of the below sound familiar?
Here at The Saddle Bank, the worlds most trusted online saddle shop, we often here people complaining that they are struggling to sell their saddle.

  • I do not have time to sell my saddle myself
  • I am sick of time wasters
  • People want to trial my saddle but I am not in a position to offer a trial
  • I am not sure about posting my saddle abroad
  • I do not want the hassle of selling my saddle

If any of these sound familiar then we can help you.

The Saddle Bank has customers worldwide, with over 30,000 people per month on our website, so we can make sure that your saddle is seen and sold!

How much are the commission fees?

Our commission rates are extremely competitive for an online saddle shop, and our commission rates are structured to ensure we can help as many people as possible.

  • 12% on saddles worth over £2500
  • 15% on saddles worth £1500-2499
  • 18% on saddles worth £1000-1499
  • 20% on saddles worth £500-999
  • 25% on saddles worth £350-499
  • 35% on saddles worth £250-349

This fee is inclusive of any PayPal/Card transaction fees.

We remove all the hassle from selling a saddle for you. No cleaning, relentless advertising, or dealing with time wasters. We simply send you the payment once your saddle has sold.

One benefit of allowing The Saddle Bank to sell your saddle is that with such valuable saddles, people have more confidence to buy from a company rather than an individual, particularly as they are able to try the saddle on their horse.

Our stock is fully insured and is protected from fire or theft. Our parcels are also sent insured to the value of the saddle. Therefore, you can be confident your saddle will be in good hands from the moment it is collected to the moment it reaches its new home.


I am interested in your selling my saddle for me. How does it work?

Its very simple. Send us full details of your saddle, and attached photo’s of your saddle from all angles. Ensure you highlight any scuffs/scratches/fading/marks.

One of our representatives will be in contact with you to confirm that we can accept your saddle and how much we would be looking to sell for.

If happy to proceed you simply package the saddle up and send it off to us.

We clean, photograph, and advertise the saddle for you.

Once we have a buyer we set up the sale, package your saddle, dispatch it and deal with the finances.

Once the sale has cleared, we then transfer you your payment minus any deductions (Commission, fee’s, inward carriage etc).

Sell saddle

Do I have to pay the postage costs?

You are responsible for getting the saddle to us. You can either drop it off if you are local, arrange courier yourself, or we may be able to assist in collecting the saddle for you for a fee (depending on where you are).

How should I package my saddle to send to you?

Saddles must be in sturdy cardboard boxes for protection. You should put the saddle in the box pommel down, on a layer of bubble wrap. Please ensure you protect the pommel, and cantle with additional bubble wrap to protect it during transit.

More information of How to Package a saddle can be found here. 

how to package a saddle

What saddles do you accept on commission basis?

We accept quality English saddles, of well known brands, up to 18 inch, and all widths. We do not accept anything which has a broken tree, requires flocking, or stitching repairs. If a saddle is sent to us damage, you will be liable for the repair costs carried out by a professional saddler, or the return postage cost of £25.

We are unable to accept old saddles, unbranded saddles, or non adjustable synthetics.

Do I have to permit my saddle on trial?

Yes. All saddles sold via The Saddle Bank are permitted on trials within the UK. However, the buyer pays upfront for the saddle. Therefore in the rare instance where a saddle is returned with a scratch/scuff your money is safe within the saddle, and the return will be rejected.

Do you have a minimum saddle value?

We are unable to accept saddles with a sales value below £250 to be sold via our consignment sales. A lot of work goes into receiving, cleaning, advertising, dealing with buyers and preparing the saddles for dispatch hence out stepped commission structure.

Therefore, we are unable to take saddles with a lesser value than this.

Please do not price up your saddle on the form, as if you price it up just so it is over £250, but it is not in line with Market Value we will still not be able to sell it for you.

I want to sell my saddle outright. Do you buy all types of saddle?

We only purchase certain brands outright.
We will accept Kent and Masters, Thorowgood T4/T6/T8s, and Albion K2 Jump saddles all year round.
On occasion, we also purchase quality branded English saddles which are Medium or wider, 17.5 inch or smaller, and in very good condition subject to capacity at the time of enquiry. Sadly we cannottake anything which is very old. The Saddle Bank does also not purchase treeless, western,  side saddles, or non adjustable synthetics.


If you would like The Saddle Bank to assist you in selling your saddle, please complete our form on our website HERE.

Sell a saddle

Alternatively, copy and paste the below into an email, and add the details of your saddle.

Email full details/photos to us:


  1. Brand
  2. Model (if known)
  3. Seat Size
  4. Width
  5. Colour
  6. Condition
  7. Serial number
  8. Age (if known)
  9. Price wanted
  10. Your full name

Please note you MUST send photos of the saddle in bright light, from all angles, including a photo of any stamps/serial numbers so we are able to confirm the price of your saddle.
Without clear photos we will not be able to proceed in assisting you.

As we are a UK Based online saddle shop we are not able to sell for clients oversea’s. However we do offer worldwide shipping on saddles purchased.

Learn more about how saddles should fit….

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