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Is a GP Saddle right for you?

GP saddles have traditionally been the most popular type of saddle for the every day rider. Here at The Saddle Bank, the worlds most trusted online saddle retailer, we have a huge selection of GP saddles for sale available in various sizes, tree types, material types and price points to suit all riders. 

In this article we will discuss all things GP and why this type of saddle is so popular amongst many riders. This should help you decide if a GP saddle is right for you and your horse. If so, why not trial one from The Saddle Bank. The Saddle Bank offer 5 day UK mainland trials on all new and used saddles with fast next working day delivery. If you are overseas don’t worry we ship worldwide!  

If by the end of the article you are not sure if a GP saddle right for you and your horse, why not get in touch with our friendly customer support team via phone 0345 030 4916 or email info@thesaddlebank.com. Our lovely team are always happy to help as much as they can and provide you with the information you need to make the best decision for you and your horse.

What is a GP Saddle?

A GP saddle refers to a General Purpose saddle (sometimes called All Purpose) and is the most commonly used and popular saddle among horse owners. They are designed for riders who like to do a bit of everything. The flaps are forward cut enough for jumping and also suitable for schooling and hacking. The GP saddle originally evolved from the jump saddle and has knee rolls although these are smaller in size compared to the jump saddle. In this article we look at various GP saddles to help you decide which is best for your horse when looking for GP saddles for sale.

Try a GP Saddle

If you would like to try a saddle, The Saddle Bank offer a great selection of GP saddles for sale, available with UK trial, with shipping offered worldwide. Browse our current GP saddles here.

Popular Adjustable GP brands

Browse our range of Wintec Saddles here.

Wintec 2000 All purpose

Unbeatable comfort and support for riders who want to do a little bit of everything. This is the top of the range Wintec model. It benefits from a super soft deep seat for unbeatable rider comfort and super soft panels that shape around the horses back muscles. Available in various types which include the Wide suitable for more cob type horses, standard, or the high wither model.

wintec gp saddle

Cavaletti Collection

Browse our range of Cavaletti Collection Saddles here.

Cavaletti GP saddle

Cavaletti offer a fantastic range of saddles which are adjustable gullet from Narrow Medium to Extra Extra Wide. Their saddles have wool flocked panels which means minor alterations can be made by your saddle fitter. Cavaletti saddles are made from European leather and have a grippy feel to them which riders love!

cavaletti GP saddleBates
Browse our range of Bates Saddles here

All Purpose SC

A high performance general purpose saddle featuring cutting edge design, comfort and technology. The saddle offers a luxurious, comfortable seat with a lower and squarer cantle (SC) making this the ideal saddle for leisure riders who enjoy jumping.

Bates All Purpose

This saddle offers the ultimate rider comfort with a deep seat for leisure riding and flat work.

Bates Saddle

Kent and Masters

Browse our range of Kent and Masters Saddles here.

S-Series Universal GP

The S-Series GP is designed to a higher specification than the Original GP for a truly luxurious feel and appearance. The saddle features ghosted stitching on the knee rolls and also offers a calf/thigh roll. This saddle has a roomy seat so would suit a rider with wider hips. The saddle has full length gussets, a board panel to evenly distribute riders weight and a wide channel for good spine clearance.



Kent and Masters S-Series Universal GP

Original GP

This GP saddle is very popular as it works well with most conformations and is available in a standard wither and high wither option. The saddle would suit riders wanting to participate in all riding club activities  as the saddle is cut forward enough for jumping and hunting as well as flat-work and hacking. The saddle has an open headed tree with board panels and moveable knee and calf blocks.


Kent and Masters Original GP

S- Series Compact GP

The S-Series range is designed to a higher specification than the original GP with ghosted stitching on the knee rolls and also offers a calf/thigh roll. Designed for the more petite rider with narrower hips and available in three panel options; low, medium and high wither. The saddle has a neat, compact seat so would be suitable for a large pony or small horse. Again the saddle is forward cut enough for jumping so the saddle is a great all rounder for those riders wanting to do a bit of everything.


Kent and Masters S-Series compact gp


Browse our Thorowgood saddles here.


A lightweight synthetic saddle that is very popular. The T4 range includes Original, and Compact (same fit as the Kent and Masters mentioned above).

The suede effect seat is deep and comfortable and the panels are cut forward enough for jumping and cross country as well as flat work and dressage. The saddle features fully adjustable knee and calf blocks, which can be positioned to suit the rider. This saddle offers an affordable option for those on a smaller budget. Both the original models and compact models are available in standard or high wither options.



Thorowgood T4 Original GP


The T8 range is Thorowgood’s upgraded model. A versatile GP saddle featuring a luxurious leather seat covering and knee pads. This provides the rider the feel of riding on an all leather saddle but at a more affordable price. The T8 range also comes in various specifications including Cob GP, Original GP (High or standard wither), Compact GP (High, or standard wither) plus others!  The panels are cut forward enough for jumping, as well as flat work and hacking. Another great feature is the velcro knee and thigh blocks.


Thorowgood T8 Original GP

Fairfax Classic GP Saddle

A more luxurious General Purpose saddle for a rider who enjoys all disciplines but appreciates extra comfort and support in the saddle. The saddle is crafted from a luxurious double oiled butt leather with super soft full grain hide on the seat. The knee blocks are stitched into position providing superior support for the riders leg. The deep cushioning over the knee rolls adds superior comfort when accommodating a variety of leg lengths. A huge Pro to this saddle is it offers an adjustable gullet taking the same bars as Kent and Masters/Thorowgood.


Fairfax Classic GP

Trial a GP Saddle

Here we have discussed a few popular models of adjustable gullet GP Saddles.  However there are endless manufacturers available who offer quality GP saddles, both synthetic, and leather.  If you would like to take a GP Saddle on trial get in touch with us today, or browse our online shop for our complete range of GP Saddles for sale. Our saddles are shipped fully insured, and offered on a 5 day trial within UK so you can have your local fitter out to check the fit for you.

If you have a saddle to sell, feel free to get in touch with our friendly team.

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