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Kent and Masters MGC

Kent and Masters are a super popular UK brand of English riding saddles. They offer a range of adjustable gullet saddles with various model on offer so there is something to suit most conformations. In this article we will discuss the Kent and Masters S-Series Compact GP saddle, otherwise known as the MGC.

What is a MGC?

MGC stands for Medium Wither GP Compact. The Compact model is perfect for petite or slim riders with narrower hips. This model can also work really well on short backed horses as it tends to come up a little shorter than the Original GP.

Kent and Masters MGC Compact GP S-Series Blog

What is the S-Series Range?

The MGC S Series Compact saddle is part of the S-Series range. People often mistake this as meaning it takes the shorter S bars. However, that is not true. The S-Series is a slightly more luxurious range than the Original range and is priced a little higher. The S-Series saddles have additional design features such as ghosted stitching on the knee roll and a thigh roll which is not featured on the Original Range.

MGC S Series Blog

What are the features?

  • A neat seat, slim rear gusset and a tree that is slightly flatter on the underside compared to the Original GP.
  • Three panel options for horses with a low, medium or high wither profile.
  • An alternative seat shape to the Cob GP which makes it a viable option for those who find the Cob seat doesn’t suit them.
  • Velcro knee and calf blocks under the flap which can be positioned to suit your leg length and position. Ghosted stitching on the knee pad helps it contour neatly around the block and ensures added comfort.
  • Changeable girthing arrangement which allows saddle stability to be optimised instantly.

What about LGC or HGC?

You will also see S-Series Compact GP saddles available stamped LGC or HGC. The first letter of the stamp indicates the wither profile.

L = Low Wither

M = Medium Wither

H = High wither

From the stamp you will be able to identify if the saddle may work for your horse based on the horses wither profile.


Will a Compact GP fit your horse?

The Compact GP saddle can fit a variety of conformations (again depending on which wither profile you select). You have also got the option of stabilising the saddle using the various girthing arrangements available.

To find out more about how to recognise signs of a poor fitting saddle, why not take a look at our short online course HERE. This will really help you gain a greater understanding of how saddles should/should not fit and things to look for to ensure your horse is not in pain.

Recognising Saddle Fit Issues.

Saddle fitter peterborough

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Learn more about how saddles should fit….

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