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Assumptions about Thoroughbreds

It is important to note that every horse is different. Within a specific breed you can also find variations in conformation. Therefore you must take your horses conformation into consideration when finding a saddle. Your local qualified saddle fitter is the best person to advise you on what will/won’t work in terms of saddles for a Thoroughbred following an assessment of your horse. However, this blog should help you understand a bit more about why it is really important to get the right saddle for your Thoroughbred.

We are being extremely general here when we say ‘saddles for Thoroughbreds’. As Thoroughbreds can come in all different shapes and sizes. However, we are going to focus on high wither thoroughbreds and the types of saddles that may work well for them.

Why having a good fitting saddle is vital.

A correct fitting saddle is vital to your horses health and happiness. In return, your horse will be able to move freely and perform the moves you would like him/her to do, whether that be dressage, jumping or riding out on a gentle hack.

A badly behaved or underperforming horse is often the result of a poor fitting saddle. Poor fitting saddles restrict your horses movement and cause serious short and long term pain and damage. Your horse’s only way of telling you their saddle does not fit is by acting up such as rearing, bucking, rushing, stomping their feet, refusing to move forward etc. When horses misbehave they are often then punished. As you can imagine this is a vicious circle for a horse. Therefore, regular checks with your local qualified saddle fitter are extremely important.

What to look for in a saddle for a Thoroughbred.

A ‘typical’ Thoroughbred as it is known throughout the equestrian world would be a lean Thoroughbred horse with a high wither. This type of horse will require drop panels, front gussets and deep rear gussets. A saddle built on a tree designed for Thoroughbreds would also be required. This would help with providing enough clearance over the withers.

Brands and models that may work on your Thoroughbred.

Albion saddles for Thoroughbred horses.

Albion offer a great selection of saddles which work really well for high wither Thoroughbred’s. With Albion you can request their Thoroughbred tree and deeper rear gussets. Common models such as the K2 GP and K2 Jump can work really well.

Browse Albion saddles for sale.

Kent and Masters saddles for Thoroughbred horses.

Kent and Masters offer a range of saddles available on their high wither tree. These saddles will be stamped with a H, such as HGP, HGC or HDR for example. They have full front gussets and deeper rear gussets to accommodate the high wither horse. A benefit of Kent and Masters is that they are adjustable gullet. Therefore, the width can be adjusted easily.

Browse Kent and Masters saddles for sale.

Thorowgood saddles for Thoroughbred horses.

Thorowgood are another manufacturer within the same brand family as Kent and Masters. Therefore, Thorowgood saddles offer the same features as Kent and Masters saddles. However, Thorowgood are made from synthetic materials.

Browse Thorowgood saddles for sale.

Other brands of saddle for Thoroughbred horses.

Of course there are many brands of saddle that work well on high withered horses. Ideal, Jeffries, Loxley, Bliss, Black Country, plus many others offer a fantastic range of saddles available on tree’s specifically designed to work well on high wither types. These saddles will often come with all of the features mentioned above such as drop panels, front gussets and deeper rear gussets.

Work with your local saddle fitter to find the perfect saddle for your high wither horse. You can find your local saddle fitter here.

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