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Will an adjustable saddle fit my horse?


Adjustable saddles are a big talking point here at The Saddle Bank. These are saddles which can be changed to suit the shape of your horse. Owners and riders see their horses every day, so it can be hard to see the long-term changes in your horses’ shape. The biggest question is which adjustable saddle will fit my horse?

Top Tip: We would recommend taking regular pictures of your horse without tack on as well as doing their template, so you can see their shape clearly, this is a great way to compare how your horse has changed!

If your horse has had an injury, or has been off their peak fitness, be aware that they will be a different shape. Adjustable saddle has the advantage of being able to fit your horse for a longer period of time, with their changeable features.

If you are still a bit confused about which saddle or any saddle related product is best for you why not get in touch with our friendly customer support team. Via phone on 0345 030 4916 or email info@thesaddlebank.com. Our lovely team are always happy to help as much as they can and provide you with the information you need to make the best decision for you and your horse.

Adjustable saddle fit

What does it mean if my saddle is adjustable?


The beauty of modern saddles is the fact it can be adjusted to suit you and your horse. We all understand horses change shape, adjustable saddles mean that the saddles can be altered accordingly. There are three main types of adjustable saddles; the adjustable gullet bar, the adjusta tree and changeable headplates. If your saddle has an adjustable gullet bar, then you can adjust your saddle yourself! At The Saddle Bank we sell a whopping 14 brands of adjustable saddles!

To find out more information on what brands are adjustable, check out this blog.


adjustable saddle fit

Who do adjustable saddles suit?


We stand by every product we sell at The Saddle Bank. The best thing about adjustable saddles is that it can suit a wide range of riders and horses. Adjustable saddles are easily reversible so they can continuously adapt to the horse.

Some horses have specific shapes which need to be accustomed to when you are fitting saddles. You need to understand your horses shape, so next time you are grooming your steed take a look at your horses withers in more detail. Does your horse have high withers, low withers, flat backed or a low profile? This information will be very useful to you going forward into buying a saddle.


Do you feel that you want an adjustable saddle however you don’t think it suits your needs?

Well, you don’t need to worry about that anymore!

If you are a hobby rider or you enjoy a good hack then perhaps take a look at the Arena, Wintec, Bates Saddle collection. Love beach rides? We would recommend the Wintec 500 series; you can hose these saddles off at the end of the day!

Those riders out there that are discipline specific, then you can get adjustable saddles to suit you and your needs! Whether you’re dancing or flying, we have everything to suit! If you are a hard-hitting equestrian and are wanting a top of the range adjustable saddle, we could recommend high end brands such as Amerigo, Prestige or some Equipe, however these saddles can be adjusted by the company themselves. Fairfax is another high super popular adjustable saddle brand that you can change the gullet bar at home! Of course we can’t forget the ever popular Albion saddles on the Adjusta tree; which can be adjusted by an Albion approved fitter or Albion themselves.


Here at The Saddle Bank, we stock over 700 saddles. Every saddle we sell has undergone vigorous checks to ensure it meets the highest standard. We offer brand new, second hand, and ex demo saddles. But please be aware, they don’t hang around long! Check out this link today so you don’t miss out.

adjustable saddle brands

Saddle Fitting

Saddle fitting is a something we are really passionate about. Here at The Saddle Bank we see too often saddles which fit the horses very poorly. We feel it is something that is overlooked a lot. In fact, we have designed a course so that horse owners can get more knowledge on the wide world that is saddle fitting. The Recognising Saddle Fit Issues course gives our customers knowledge so that they can assess their own saddles. The course is £15.00 and gives you long-lasting knowledge which can help in assessing the fit of your saddles, and explain what to look for if you decide to part-exchange! To enhance your equestrian knowledge further, check out our online academy courses here.

If you are fortunate enough to live in the Peterborough, East Northamptonshire, or South Lincolnshire areas you can even book a fitting directly with us at The Saddle Bank here.

adjustable saddle brands

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